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Ps Forbes Dec 2020
Today, I went to see my old friend
Someone who has been by my side since the beginning.

He has walked with me through the trails in my life.
He has taught me how to dance on the edge of a knife.

He does not speak-
I still listen
He does not move-
I still march

He does not have treasures that you and I could measure.
He gives you the pleasure of an adventure.
It is hard to believe that it's been so long
but time has only made us strong.

Thank you, my dearest friend, for showing me how to be free and introducing me to the trees.
Thank you for a journey that only a Road could take me.
Ps Forbes Dec 2020
We are all nerds just looking for the right glasses to wear,
the right pants to lift,
the right tie to bear,
and the right book to pick.
Simon Nov 2020
She goes by Maisha. But too me, she's known as my “Watson”. A Watson that is the VERY "incredulous" sidekick towards Sherlocks (somewhat) "overanalyzing" and (seemingly...when it truly isn't much of the time) "doubtful" nature. (Just as Watson isn't as soft spoken...when they truly aren't as incredulous as you'd expect them too truly first glance!) Thou, no matter how false or true something might seem... It matters not. Towards the fate of a good enough "bargain" too “pry” the (seeming) essential pieces that go one way. And come SNAPPING back straight into your own face the next! (Without so much as a standard warning, beforehand...or even ahead of time!) That is both the never-ending/ever-increasingly, mind-bogglingly, fated desires that "swing" (impatiently)...when there's NO breeze too simply sway back and forth on the spot!
And when there's sometimes NO recognition towards either fact... That's when Watson is there too kick me into gear (without the seeming faulty wiring of my CRAZY and SPIRALING and SPORADIC and WILD)... Assumptions!
Because assumptions don't mind those very facts that perfectly fit inside those very details that doesn't have a half-hearted claim towards the very desires of those very specifics (at which the very details fit perfectly nestled inside).
And if it wasn't already incredulous enough already... Then Sherlocks too random of assumptions...must surpass your very logic too handle at one single time....
Meaning my very assumptions is what forces you too "transcend" your own piece of art for the fate of a brain that would (in theory...and try as it must) "reconnect" with the complete countering opposite... That is the opposing goodness towards how a brain ticks those too random assumptions) too shame! When the heart starts too "unravel" it's VERY (seemingly) "dormant" period full of unkempt lust for that very now "presently" so-called ("transcending your own piece of art") right then and there!
But a piece of transcending art, isn't complete...just because you are (now of ALL times) beginning to understand it... Since it's NEVER that easy to just understand a VERY abstract/cryptic (someone or something) who's too random assumptions seem too SPARK your heart! As if your heart now has a flow of radiation coming out of it... Because it was simply "poked"!
But why of ALL times did it haft too be poked...? Well, isn't it obvious by now.......???
The "frames of logic" would speak of a VERY important "scheduling event". Where the heart needed too be poked, first!
Simply because the heart was literally BLOATING up and "suppressing" too much of that newly escaped flow of radiation!
And since now it's (seemingly) ready too take off like a once (trapped bird in a cage...ALL it's life)! You better bet things shall be different... For this time around, at least....
Do you simply think the brain and the heart would become "one" and detest ALL the past formalities (from a past gone SO "rigid" like)... That it's now truly impossible too truly tell just what its current condition is really about. And how the very current present timeline...then would speak of a VERY fortunate scheduling event, that would change everything for the better... Possibly even (if your assumptions truly grasp another's frame of logic good enough too transcend right off the bat seemingly)... Forevermore!
Then, what are you waiting for, huh...???!!!
A moment of doubt is normal too include the fear of failing ANY type of reasoning either (beforehand or ahead of time)! Since it doesn't matter which would be the better offer...? Unless you were too (I don't know), keep "trekking" as you ALWAYS have towards "breaching" the (seemingly) "impenetrable" darkness that hails your own "lit impression/lit focus" (conscious wise) structure/mechanism...without fear of “blinking out” that very reasoning right then and there! Since "snuffing" out the where fear comes from, after all.... Remember and forget! Are those very reminders that fail...ALL THE SAME!
Reine Monroe Apr 2016
I ball my fist in anger,
As i think about those times where
I was treated bad...

I curse the room around me,
As i think about those times where,
I didn't say the things i should've said...

I punch the walls and the images of,
The face i should be hating and trying to get rid of...
From out of my mind and locked into the cellar of the past...
Away with all of my temporary emotions feelings, friendships, people....etc ....

Why do i freeze?
Why can't i cook the eggs that have broken. ....
Why can't i prepare my meal and swallow the scrambeled eggs from those broken memories and the yokes, filled with too much love or too much pain....

Why am i suffering?
An enjoyable pain,
With its smirk on its face...

Why am i loving it?
Is this a challenge....

As I'm drinking my pride,
I'm thinking about the being...
In my mind i'm going insane...
But why is my face and my cooking,
Still the same?

Why is that no matter how angry i get...
I always keep that extra egg.....
Like a little kid,
Thinking it will crack out of its shell on its'll be breathing and come to me like its i baby it....
Wrapping and wrapping it around many warmfilling blankets by the stove...
Still its so cold....

Why do i still have a child-like notion...
I back up my reality with lies....
I back up my pain and my dried roses,
With its pride.....

I look back to the eggs...
I'm boiling....
*A bad egg, I'm holding...
Isaac Huston Nov 2015
Yeah, kinda.
Oh bit definitely.
For the *****.
In love?
Do again?
Would love to.
Ask her out?
Worth it?
Oh, so very, very much.
train- May 2015
I am as...
Light as a feather
Stiff as a board
Quick as a leapord
Slow as a snail
Small as a mouse
Large as a giant
Nice as a bath
Mean as a cat
Cool as myself
Hot as myself
Weak as poultry
Strong as glad
Wild as a bear
Calm as a wave
Just a silly little poem.

— The End —