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Heavy Hearted Jul 2023
and what lucie is what you get
or so a new voice, charmingly said
Puns profoundly... playful direct
pull me toward this new subject

less than a year is all I've got,
to see from such new eyes
absorbing all which might be taught
when my memory's a minefield...

I get so far ahead of myself
I wonder why I write
without the longing, without the lost,
how can we know how deep the cost?
to feel or not- Its a choice now-

& it's as it's always been
Ours to give,
and to receive.
written for, about, and then to, Dylan.
Zara rain Jun 2023
His eyes were deep as an untasted well.
Promising endless nights of oblivion.
When he asked me what I wanted to drink
I was tempted to put him to the test.
Because I'm forever a contradiction to either common sense or recklessness.
If you tell me what I want
I will give you what you want to have.
But when the guessing game is over,
we're both left unsatisfied and needy.
midnight strangers, lovers of present impulses, memory makers
pragya santani Apr 2020
The morning dew kisses
Yearning leaves,
As the first rays of the sun
Bring me relief.
Flowers bloom
In the month of March,
Chirping birds hum
rhythms that recharge.
And with the first sight
of your arching face,
I fall back into
teen ways.
Espresso manic Aug 2019
Her body language
flirts, her smile reckons me.
****, she’s what I need.
quick one before my meeting
Monisha Jul 2019
I took a moment of fancy to you,
And pray why did I do so?
Was it the curl of your lip,
Or the drawl in your tone
Or just the way your eyes
Met and held mine across the room.

You moved away and around
And so did I,
Heightened senses,
Aware and on the prowl.

A game that’s played on
Almost forever,
A lilt in my voice
A bounce in my step,
An interesting interlude,
For a moment or two.

You waltzed across the room,
Meeting many,
Caught you from the corner of my eye,
Seeking me.

The moment of reckoning,
When we were just a breath away,
I smiled and lowered my lashes,
A deep breath, and walked away,
Is it you or is it me?

Oops! I smell coffee,
Good morning love,
had an interesting interlude,
Guess what! It was you!
Monisha Jul 2019
Oh  dear, oh dear!
I think we  have a special connection.
Or could it just be a juvenile proposition?
But then what I feel is beyond affection.
Oh these dilemmas conflict me so,
So wound up am I, head to toe.

Hmm! My girl, Tell me do I make your body curl,
And your deepest, darkest feelings unfurl.
Do I make your eyes glisten,
Your voice tremble and my sound thats all that you want to listen.
Do you wake up in the middle of the night,
Do you look into space with a smile when it’s light.
Do I make you want to sit by my side,
Speak your heart out with nothing to hide.
Is my presence what you constantly crave,
Our thoughts of togetherness
Hit you constantly like a Tsunami Wave!
Tell me  is it true
I am inside your system like that strong coffee brew!

My dear , all this is true I confess,
Yes we have a connection,
And that’s not just a guess.
I have waited months, weeks, days and hours,
Now just wait in patient anticipation,
To give wings to our connection!

My girl, an infatuation it seems,
Coz, I ain’t the one signing up to be the wind beneath your wings,
Are you reading too much in my flirtation’s,
And my incessant pings?
Let’s keep it cool,
No strings attached,
So neither is any wiser or playing the fool.

My dear! Thank you for a lesson well learnt,
Words are loose and can be bandied about,
Charted and carted and sullied around.

I still stay with feeling that connection,
For you a predilection,
My heart has already made an aberration!
Marla Sep 2018
Once upon a fair evening's bloom,
A fair maiden did make a young
Courtier swoon.
With a touch of the hand
And a kiss of the lips,
She ensured that love
Was not to be
The infatuation before love is sickly sweet
Sarah Michelle Apr 2019
She is organized in a way that is unfathomable,
An alluring contradiction with the eyes of a madwoman
On the body of a laid-back cat.
You try to ****** her but she is everywhere above you
And every night when you meet her
She already has you trapped inside with everyone else
who is propelled by her many solar systems.

You watch her when she appears dormant.
You can try to calculate her patterns,
But since you met her she has worn nine different faces,
And she dresses as too many species to name
Yet you may think she is tame.
This is true, she does less damage than she is capable of,
So test her limits but remember that
The universe has no edge.

She is curved and always expanding.
You can’t decide if she is too fat or just the right size
Because she is shapeless and swimming before your eyes.
Her stars are many but her constellations are uneventful.
She bursts her stars like whiteheads
And swallows herself up in the muddy, black potholes left behind.

Her galaxies overlap too much to be teased apart.
Each sun has its own ideas about gravity
And claims each others’ planets as their own.
This is not a harem though for she is not polyamorous.
Worse, they are tessellating love triangles.

Love for her is like politics only there is only one wing, one branch
And all parts are just a sum of her.
She couldn’t love you even if she wanted to.
There is already too much for her to maintain,
Too much to spread evenly across your small body
And too much for even God to see.

You’re not an astronomer, a telescope is a peep show to you
You lie in your hammock seeking instant gratification, all of her all at once.
Even if she were simply one of those stars
She wouldn’t travel light-years for you.

You think you know her, the brightest star above you,
The one you stare at thinking she is staring at you,
The one who flips her hair like the other girls you like,
Who all share the burden of giving you
The satisfaction of having something to flirt at,
Something glorious to form into feeble prey
With your small, shallow eyes, and which you use to glorify
Your own simple machine of a body.
Rewrite of "an earlier poem called "Somebody Else."
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