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On the day we met,
you hooked me with your laugh
and hilarious demeanor.

On the day we met,
all it took was my name being
said from your lips for you to catch me.

On the day we met,
you laughed at my blondness
and still give me crap for it.

On the day we met,
nothing else mattered
as we travelled across the universe.

On the day we met,
you didn't have to say anything
for me to know exactly what you were thinking.

On the day we met,
the message I received was innocent
until you heard me speak.

On the day we met,
you said you were surprised
by my voice and quiet nature.


On the day we met,
I had you hooked
with my easy-going disposition.

On the day we met,
nothing could stop us
being flirty with each other.

On the day we met,
I entrapped you
with my words.

On the day we met,
we became friends
and warmth was born.

On the day we met,
I made you jealous
by playing with your friends.

On the day we met,
those feelings
became so much more.

On the day we met,
I was told of your affection
and spoke my own.
You preyed on my innocence,
assuming my naïvety as advances,
telling me to think of you as a
'second father' and that I was 'wanting it'.
Would a father do this to their child?

Was I 'wanting it' when you
put your fingers inside me?
Or said that I 'tasted good'
once you were through?
Did you know what you were doing?

I will admit that I did not help matters
by answering your perverted questions,
but that does not excuse your behavior
or how you acted after it was over.
I am sorry for insinuating I 'wanted it'.

Was it your intention to make me this way:
to have me grow up feeling low about my self,
to become so obsessed with ***,
to want to cheat on those I am with?
If it was, I applaud you for achieving your goal.

Because of you:
I became someone obsessed with ***,
boys, and the way I looked.
I became someone I hated.
You kept me in my shell.

Because of you,
I let people in too easily,
I gave my heart away,
and I trusted what they said.
You violated me at my most vulnerable.

I reveled in the attention I got
and figured that, because of you,
I should not worry about my self-worth.
That this was how normal relationships were like.
You left me broken and confused.

I am finally starting to break free of your bond.
To love me for who I am becoming.
I am no longer fearful of you,
though I am fearful of people like you.
Those that prey on the vulnerable.

I will never forget you,
but that does not mean I have to forgive you.
You do not deserve forgiveness.
To know who I am today is enough for me.
I hope you feel guilty for your actions.

Now I am flying free,
fear of the past no longer an option.
Like a bird, I break from my shell,
knowing that you will never hold that bond over me again.
I am free of you at last.
The bell rang, school is done
Yet we have to return in a mere 2 weeks.
For, you see, school is never over
Here in winter.

Many of us leave to warmer weather,
But I stay here in the cold because
That's where I'm truly at home.
Here in winter.

It many seem cold, dark, and dreary
But at least comfortable
Surrounded by those I love
Here in winter.

Sitting by the fire, roasting marshmallows
And telling stories about school
Or life. Listening to Christmas music,
Here in winter.

Opening presents and eating great food,
Surrounded by those that love you
During these cold, dreary days.
Here in winter.

It's still cold out, but it's time to return
Back to were we can tell people how we were
Surrounded by those that love us.
Here in winter.
What do you expect of me?
To do everything for you?
Like a simple housewife in 1950?
Cooking and cleaning and laundry?
Hell to the no.

Yes, we have a child,
but does that make me the
sole caretaker of them?
The one they come to
when they're scared?
Hell to the no.

We are a partnership.
A force of support
for those around us.
A team working together
as one giant entity.
Should we be any less?
Hell to the no.

So please think before
you act or speak.
Especially with phrases like
"I will get to it later" or
"In a minute".
Then not do them.
I will end up doing them then.
Hell to the no.
I come upon a rickety old bridge,
glancing down I wonder what it
would be like to float free.
Free of this life and all that it brings.
That would be something else entirely.

Lost in thought, I soon realize
I'm being watched.
Looking to my right,
I see a tall faceless figure in between
the barren trees.
It just stands there
staring at me.
What does it want?

I move along the bridge, my heart
racing at every step.
I hope my time
has not come, for I want to leave on
my own accord.
I stop just short of a rotting
board. I hear nothing but eerie silence.

My heart still racing, I turn around, noticing
the figure is there no more.
What could this possibly mean for me?
Is it really my time?
Am I being lead to my untimely demise?
These questions remain unanswered.

Next thing I know, I fall through the floor.
The last thing I see before I hit the water below,
is that figure again even slender than before.
The last face I'll ever see,
is that faceless figure staring back at me.
The Slenderman.
Eyes burn into the back of my head,
watching my every move.
How am I just now noticing this?

To think that I was once doing the same,
only I would try not to be as obvious.
It takes great skill to master what I do.

Be careful where you are,
you never know who is watching you.
Creeping around corners and over hedges.

I look in the windows of everything you own,
waiting for the moment you realize I am there.
I love to watch you squirm under my gaze.

On the other end of the spectrum,
is something I would rather not be on.
It is nothing short of unpleasant.

Could you leave me alone?
I would rather like to hear myself think.
Though not much thinking will be had.

You get closer with every step,
hoping to catch me in your grasp.
You shall not win at this game.

I get closer to you everyday,
yet you seem to slip further away.
An enigma I cannot have.

I dance this dance with you,
but nothing seems to keep you ensnared.
Will you ever become mine?

This never-ending cycle of cat and mouse,
is something I have grown accustomed to.
Please, let us end this soon.

I shall never grow tired of the day,
where we dance face to face.
Instead of from across the way.

You are my treasure,
and I am your prize.
Until the day we meet, my shadowed friend.
You gave us a superhuman spider
and an insect of ant proportions.

You created the man of iron
and a man that can control it.

A pioneer of an epic approach,
you challenged a great authority.

By bringing forth enticing characters,
you lit a fire in those that followed them.

Everything about them is extraordinary,
and the passion radiated from the pages.

Thank you for all that you did, Mr. Lee,
you surely will be a man that we remember.

❝ Excelsior!❞
To honor the great legend, Stan Lee, I have made this poem.

In the words of the man himself: "I try not to do anything that's too close to what I've done before. And the nice thing is we have a big universe here. It's filled with new ideas. All you have to do is grab them." Basically, variety is the spice of life and with it, something miraculous could be made.
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