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Anais Vionet Sep 28
When not slaved to school
work I rush to do all of
my favorite things.

All at once in a
mad multitasking-fun-storm
of pleasure-chaos.

I was just sampling
Spotify tracks, playing my
iPod and writing.

While backing up my
music collection, planning
dinner and sewing.

And I thought maybe
I should make more coffee and
print my homework.
ahhhh Sunday mornings - all free time - me time.
these days a visit to the doctor
is quite dear
and it fills the patient with
a great deal of fear

consultation charges
are well above inflation
but if you don't pay the set fee
you'll receive not proper medical investigation

the day before yesterday
I went to see
my quack
and when I got the invoice
I was taken aback

GP's are making
really big bucks
by treating themselves to the
ailing person's money trucks
japheth May 2018
you listen to that one song
that makes you remember of the pain he had caused you
but have you thought,
this song actually speaks about you more
than it is for him?
Mystic Ink Plus Mar 2018
Tuition fee: X
Development fee: Y
Security fee: Z

Extra-curricular fee,
probably : V
Fee to **** time,
mandatorily: W

Cost of being good,
“ZERO”, I evaluate.

We pay a handsome waste,
X, Y, Z, V, W
to be nothing.

With a hope,
to be something.
Genre: Beyond Poetry
Theme: Education becoming costlier
he used other human capital
to achieve his own ends
what kind of person would
be involved with these lends

beneath his exterior
a brain-washer lay
exploiting everyone else
to bring him handsome pay

credit in his dodgy account
came at a considerable fee
abusing and misusing
Bob and Mary's kindly spree

they had no understanding
of his predator plan
working them over so he'd
be the number one man
Liars, liars everywhere
Liars, liars no one cares
I'm dying inside, but no one sees
Oh my goodness I just want to sleep

Tears an fears
Death and dispare
All just things to keep you here
Don't go with the flow
Dying more each day
Trying to be strong
So still you move on
Suffering this pain

If you survive no one has to know
No one had to know of your fight
But if you lose
There is no where to hide
So don't even try
Be proud of the death
That sets you free
They all will feel pain
Not seeing your misery
That is there fee
Daniel Hunt Oct 2014
When we broke up, man I went crazy,
confused, sad, and sometimes even lazy
I listened to someone who was
"Supposedly" my friend. So I made
our relationship come to an end.
I've apologized and apologized and
you don't seem to care. So now
without you I feel so bare.
I've wrote notes and called on
the phone but at the end of
the day I'm still all alone.
You don't realize how bad I'm hurting.
Especially when all the guys come
around flirting! You're the one for
me I know in my heart. I feel
so empty when we are apart.
You haven't talked to me in what
seems like forever. Oh how I wish
we were back together. I've tired
and tried to get you back. You
were the one to keep me on track.
I know what I did was really wrong.
But PLEASE give me another chance
it's been so long!!
you have my heart locked by a chain
and the farther you walk the harder
the pain. Baby, I have paid a price
and I will also pay a fee. If only
you ever decide to come back to
This poem was made to show, how sorry I was to my Girlfriend and how much I wanted her back.
Luminosity Cat Apr 2014
I'm begging you to break my chains.
I'm asking you to carry my pain.
I'm sitting at your mercy seat.
I'm crying at your holy feet.
I cannot dance, and I cannot sing.
I know you have a plan for me.
I have heard that you have paid my fee.
I am trying to set my sight on thee.
I'm begging for eternal grace.
I need your help to run this race.
I am not about to get in a debate about religion. I don't care if you completely despise it. This poem describes where I am at right now. Yes, I believe that my God reigns, but I will not fight with you over it. If you don't agree with religion or like this poem, just move along. Simple as that.

— The End —