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We come to honor you
Honor you
And honor all living things
All of your creations
Which you made for good

Give us peace.
Tell these lungs to breathe
And have rest.
Help us to see your true desires and will

Guide me
I will follow
I will listen

Dance with me
Give me joy
Steal my grief
Leave me with peace
Sweet things
Peace and hope
In the future
Renewed love
And faith
Strength is in her
Courage is her name
Trouble means little
To one of the faith
Refine me
Try me
I'm yours
Guide me
Use me
Help me
To walk with the Father
Is to walk like a princess
I lift up my arms just to praise you
I close my eyes so I can feel you
Let your beauty sink in
Surrounded by your love
Your presence...
Here in your creation
I see you in everything
How could I ever doubt you?
When you are clearly everywhere.
Breathe you in
Oh lord your live is surrounding
So perfect and whole
I lift my arms just to praise you
I close my eyes so I can feel you
Let your beauty sink on
Surrounded by your love
Your presence...
I lift my arms...
I close my eyes...
I am dotted with happiness
Like freckles on my sun-kissed skin
I bathe in the light and I shape it
Into sculptures of beauty
Reminiscent of the face that births such joy
Eyes sapphire blue, an ocean expanse
Of kindness and hope
I am drowning and disappearing
Becoming the sun that glitters on the water
We dance like that in unison, eternally
Love is everything
Hope is inspiring
Faith is more than meets the eyes
Trust is something you earn
Pixie dust is the unseen magic all around us
Hold these things close to your heart, they will bring you happiness

Peace to those who earned it
Strength to those who worked for what they believed in
Happiness is a fickle thing

Lift others up
Never break them down
Show them the light

Give others love, hope, faith, trust,
Show them the pixie dust
Lead their way
Light their paths
Shine bright
So that they might see...
The light
I love going to coffee shops alone
The chill vibes with their soothing playlist
Hot coffee and tea to warm the soul these cold winter days

Call me hipster
I say it's relaxing
Who needs stereotypes anyway

Just being here soothes my aching mind
I wish I brought my pen and spine
Instead I'm glued to my phone
To write my heart out on instead

A date with myself is just what I needed
In the stress of the holiday season
A familiar place with friendly faces
Breathe life into my mind
Fuel my creativity  

Bring me inspiration
A desire to create
Self expression
Oh what a life
Mule town coffee shop
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