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i want to cry so badly that
i want to cry
that i want to cry

you overwhelm me.

i want to cry so badly
but my ducts are dry
the tears well inside

i'll drown intern a l l y
M Dec 2020
This game my mind plays, is not a fun one
For I don’t enjoy being woken by pain
An aching feeling, like I’ve nothing to gain
Too much strain, on my heart
Enough to make me feel that life is falling apart
So many missing parts to a puzzle I can’t even begin to start
I wish you’d leave me alone
Let me live my life
Without dropping demons, that aren’t even mine to fight
an overwhelming feeling;
your hand in mine
and mine in yours
where it belongs.
flamingogirl Oct 2020
We were laying in bed
and I was drowning in your gaze.
You wrapped your arms around
me and slowly whispered in my ear
that I was a national treasure to you.
You told me my essence,
my power, and my presence
overwhelmed you and that
I was your Niagara Falls.
mjad Sep 2020
I ask if I'm too much for you to handle
I'm a forest fire that you see as a candle
Cae Sep 2020
Don't you ever feel stuck?
Stuck in a state of mind, frozen in time
It's tiring, staying in one place for such a long time
Yet, you don't bother to move

It's confusing, honestly
Trying to think about it makes you dizzy
Yet, it's the only place you feel comfortable
Blissfully ignoring the problem
So you stay solemn

The feeling of uneasiness overwhelms you
But it's the only thing that makes you feel okay
Not okay,
But numb

Instead of making up your mind, you choose to stand aside
Too scared to make up your mind
You would rather stay blind to your own emotions
To avoid life's commotion

So you stay frozen
You watch as people pass you by
Because you would rather be numb
You would rather be stuck
Then trust your luck
Lyda M Sourne Jan 2020
Just this short moment
A little moment to yourself

Look at the sky for a moment
A pause in the humdrum of life

And just take a little moment
Like the quarter rest on hold

Cool down the thrumming heart
Relax those tense shoulders

Add a little honey
To the sourness of the situation

As life gives you lemons,
Make lemonade
I feel overwhelmed by everything
Amy Oct 2019
me high,
me back and forth,
me so i can taste being free
me away from the horrors of the world
me towards the peaceful, clear, endless sky
me back to childhood, where everything was exhilarating and pure
me to paradise
me away.
the only escape i have is in the park where i feel free once again, before reality of the world surfaced and snatched my innocence away...
duang fu Jul 2019
the red is far too deafening -
shut palms around my ears
and yet the world is on screaming fire.
my finger joints crack in my eardrums
while the sunflowers roll in the mud.
firecracker red; fire engine red
took a nap in a sack,
the sun never goes away.

if i may i would turn to pray
to a man up in city hall
where the crowds prey,

i'm asking for a bellyache from hunger,
a shadow to leave my body -
not quite the youthful sunshine
with flaming ash in the air.

please be quiet - you're neither
the hysterical patient, nor
one who needs the normalising
medicine - you would not wish.
it is growing on me, much like
a generous parasite.
the world is much too loud tonight

written 8 july 2019, 10.22pm
xtine Apr 2019
my chest is a black hole that takes the air I breath from my lungs,
quickly imploding in on itself.
the molecules of my cells wanted to get out of this black pit of anxiousness, but the gravity was too strong to escape
the overwhelming matter

my heart is a jackhammer that palpitates adrenaline-filled blood through the highways of my vessels,
as if one wrong turn would cause the vehicles of blood cells to collide with the walls of my arteries and veins 'til it ruptures.

my mind is a tornado formed by the hot and cold air of
worst-case-scenarios that ***** in whatever is left from the village of my sanity, leaving behind destruction and remnants of mental strain.

my muscles are ropes in a game of tug-of-war between opposing teams of stress and anxiety that tenses up the fibers of my being, causing burns across the length of back and leaving me unable to move,
until the only thing left it can do
is reach a breaking point that creates tassels of exhaustion

Oh, God. Please give me rest.
Self-expectations and pressures are exhausting my strength. Also, it’s exam season so the overwhelming amount information leaves me frozen and not knowing what to do.
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