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Àŧùl 7d
1971, they lost East Pakistan,
And Bangladesh was carved.
1972, they conspired terror,
By promising 72 in Jannat.
2024, the fools still believe,
Not just in violence but also in the 72.
****** Nymphs wreak havoc in their minds.

Spreading his Chiropteran wings,
It's actually Satan laughing.
The fools want the world to convert,
Convert to the religion peace at what cost?
They wield their swords and Kalashnikovs,
******, killing, converting, decapitating at will.
They think that they will get virgins in afterlife.

What's described in their scriptures?
72 bathykolpian blue-eyed virgins.
Infinite stamina and limitless wine,
With those 72 eternally ****** Nymphs.
This crude carnal desire motivating,
The ******* to commit more bloodshed.
They rally our daughters, sisters, and mothers.

Like what — they rally them as trophy wives,
Or better if stripped **** and humbled.
They **** our brothers in an exemplary manner,
Decapitating, dismembering, and insulting.
What sort of faith do they follow?
They follow the words of a mad man,
A mad man who claimed to know God.

But actually they follow a barmy man,
A man who lost his mind to the heat,
The Arabic heat with nothing to eat.
No water to drink and it caused him to break,
He was not a sensible man,
About the 2 billion followers?
They're victims of sunstroke too.

We need to strip **** their carnal faith,
Strip them of their human rights,
As they are no humans.
Humans don't behave like jackals,
They follow the religion of the Devil,
But they have the support of bigots,
Bigots who ignore our fallen angels.

Our girls and young women they don't spare,
Why then about theirs should we even care?
Use pliers and plass, pull their nails out,
Send them to their perverted Jannat.
Let the terrorists die of pain,
What will we gain?
Some centuries of actual peace.
My HP Poem #1972
©Atul Kaushal
Mystic Ink Plus Feb 2020
Usually their affection
Expires on Feb 15th

Never mine
Genre: Microverse || Minimalist
Theme: Forever
Michael Marro Feb 2020
As long as there is breath in my bones
I promise you will never be alone
Whether at your side or from afar
I love you for who you are
Let me be your strength at night
Even when I'm out of sight
Let this thought aid in following through
My heart is always with you
I wish I could have told her this today
Badshah Khan Feb 2019
Rubayiat Al Thurab (Verses of the Dust) – 19

BismillahIr RahmanIr Raheem

Surrender yourself to your unutterable loneliness,

As a visible result, you can universally see;

Your own creation in deeper.

You can’t recognize anything, when you are within you.

Burn yourself completely within you,

So your infernal existence becomes eternally!

Allah Khair….. Khairul Rabul Alameen Yah Arrahmanur Yah Raheem

Ummah Thurab – Badshah Khan.
©UT-BK 2019
Rubayiat Al Thurab (Verses of the Dust)
cleann98 Dec 2018
we were brightly shining
all while constantly burning
we had to keep collapsing against ourselves keeping ourselves from burning out
Colm Jun 2018
To hold her for hours
And hours on end

The desire of he
Who contends with discomfort
And fights for her future
Be it not his own

These are the paths which only he knows
Lonely though they may ever be
He walks
Steadily into the good night

A light

Thank God
My sin is my own
You'll know that a man knows how to love, when he thinks of a future that could go beyond him.
Dark Ink Mar 2016
Not a day goes by,
I don't wish you know how much
I love you.

Not a day goes by,
I don't wish better for you.

My love is like a river, it is like a fountain;
it is longing and flowing for you.
No matter what hard times we've been through,

My love has kept on growing for you.

I hope you can see,
that it is you I need.

I know we are bound for a higher life,

where we won't bare anymore strife.

Yet, in the still of this life;
not a day goes by,
I'm not praying for you,

and still loving you.....
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