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Willow shade Mar 2020
Miss the heaven of your soul
In memories far away
Will you ever evanesce?!
Will I always feel my way?!

Not having bidden adieu
Left me in purgatory
Ah, I fell in love with you
Like the Pyrrhic victory

Warriors never give in
And their values carry on
I will drive dolours away
Till your voice is clarion

As dreams are effulgent,
Living is no more bitter
Your laughter is echoing
Through the endless Ether

I have the panacea
A true poet never fails
We gain little solaces
Owing to hard travails
Gabriel burnS Aug 2017
Thought you got me in your grasp
Fallen in your hands,
Money in the bank
I'm a human hand grenade
you’ve pulled the safety pin away
division now awaits
the careless
Gabriel burnS Jun 2017
sometimes you enter the maw of the beast;
severed heads lie around still watching,
and you march forth into the bowels of hell
fighting off fears, horrors and demons
own and foreign
for the ultimate prize
taking home the devil
My soul's a lil' lizard,
too lilylivered to flick its head
out from under pockmarked
rockslide of my flesh.
Tracking the way things shoulda been,
my Pyrrhic quarry past twentyyear.
Bounty on my head only Time will collect;
wanna be old timer? Cry silver viper tears.

I don't ask for much, just a cactus crutch.

As a child I was a wildman,
but needed to convalesce
amid the tumbleweed titans
and sirensong of crickets.
An oasis in the desert's in the desert nonetheless/
an oasis in the desert is still an oasis.
The scorpions are my new friends,
coz all my old friends were scorpions.

I don't ask for much, just a cactus crutch.
I don't ask for much,
just to be a buzzard for your love.

— The End —