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This itch is a burn underneath the nails of my toes
Crawling through the crevices of my skin like a virus
Toes, feet, ankles, legs to my knees
I cannot relive this itch with a scratch it’s a *****
The sickness has consumed my body to the whole of my neck;
Choking me, this Amour
Whom has left me in a puddle of oil on the asphalt
Light a match
For the only relief I can manage is a heavier burn
In flames I plummet
Landing perfectly at the bottom again
Walking uphill I resume
The song never dies
He can silence your laughter, make still your movement
And extinguish the physical
Air may fade until only a beat is left in your conscious mind
Lyrics taken from your lungs
But the song plays
It plays behind shut eyes
Triumphant sound the deaf can hear
Shaken from the depths of your memory by a turbulent bed
The song never dies
Love is why I live
Love is for what i'll die
Love is why I sleep and wake, what I give and take
And cry

Love is what I breath
Love is all I need
Love is why i'm trudging on, forgiving wrong
And greed

Love is why I write, for
Love is cold as ice, though
Love can warm my heart, and so
Love would tear apart

Love is high and low
Love is bright and doe
Love is truth and lie
Love is a metal lullaby
There once was a plain old greedy degenerate
Who fancied himself some sort of profit
Most of the town's folk even bought it
Some say he lost it

We must laugh together at the irony we see
Someone degenerate as he
Redesigning our humanity
First conceptual sold as a divine product
******* ecstasy…

I won't support the scandal to fund the living Dead council
The Swine
Thought to unwind and rewind in the way they felt fine
Thus genetically designed a millennia of succession of clergy kings
And unleash them to father all mankind to be

Hear me when I say
I do not feel okay
When malice men metal with God's work

Got a hell of a good pitch though
I mean you really make that **** looked ****, no?

A well-designed slaughterhouse may have its livestock walking into spirals right to the mouth of the grinder
Scientifically each breed more perfect than the next
As I deflect
Do my very best
To warn just in case you could respect
Liberty and freedom
Or obey to choose to sleep comfortably
Happy sheep healthy cut of meat
Splash, shear and then repeat

I love you So much
Almost as much as I love myself
Hope you can learn how to be alone with just yourself all by yourself
and be present with yourself Love
I see blood in their hands
Foolish thinking their sanitizers can mask the sin
Every moment of this life is written in our flesh
Written in ink
Written in truth
And ones flesh can be read
Read like the mountains and trees
I see blood in their hands
Rough wind tears through the dark
Fluorescent light shining within the dust
I follow it
Hoping to be led to the city
For the other way is infallible dissolution
An angry ocean
The wind has taken my sight
And any step could be the last plank of this decrepit pier
The storm
She is here for me and I now realize, this is a fight for life
The sudden glow and heavenly roar shows her intent
She wishes to drive me into the treacherous sea to be chewed and swallowed
Perhaps discovered by a lobster who would surely laugh at my demise
For he is malevolent of human life
I think that I am thick
Choosing a state of contentment
In a world of chaos
Chin high, eyes dry
I think that I am thick

I think that I am transparent
Knowing more of pain than of comfort
In a smog of darkness yearning for light
Depriving eyes of vital moisture
I think that I am transparent

Learning of God
Through love and unity
In friendship and fellowship
Faith in wise words and the eyes of the enlightened
Learning of God

Now understanding God
Through the death of my father
In the depths of my mother's sadness
Sadistic peers and malevolent neighbors
Now understanding God

I thought that to be poised was to appear stable
I thought that to have tenacity I must seem strong
Forbearing my feelings you are unable
But for keeping them to myself I was wrong
Crying is better
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