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O Imagination!
Fond of mysterious ways
In my heart ensconced
You opt to stay ensnared
By the web of complexities
You have devised,
I am not surprised.
Now, you cannot be free,
You cannot soar high,
And that will make me weak.
Complications unnerve my mind,
Thinking becomes difficult,
Sanity shivers
And this much I cannot risk.
Brighten your colours
And stay spread far and wide;
My heart cannot be your refuge.
Let not my mind play with you.
Elizabeth Zenk Nov 2018
control is a rich red hue,
control is warm, and deep.
it’s a destructive power,
and a stinging force.
a delicate line
between pain and serenity.

control is a rich red hue,
control tastes metallic.
like a cog in a machine,
and it comes around like clockwork.
a jagged dash
between insanity and knowledge

control is a rich red hue,
control melts like wax.
it evaporates within seconds,
and it dries within moments.
a recalcitrant scratch
between delusion and control
control is the sand dunes left behind once the red lakes dry up.
lovelywildflower Oct 2018
i feel like a beer bottle
that's been thrown against a concrete wall
in a fit of anger
shattering as it hits
the pieces fall to the ground
i fall
splinters of glass are embedded in my skin now
blood trickling down my arms
and from my heart
every breath feels like a war
blood falls to the floor
red paint on a ***** canvas
until it spells out "help"
sweat runs down the side of my face
onto my bedsheets
from wrestling the demons
i'm worn out
broken down
i just want the agony to end
i don't want to fight anymore
i smell of war
and blood
and pain
there are stab wounds
and bullet holes all through me
it all hurts so very much
i just want to be completely tranquil
and at ease for once
Gods1son Sep 2018
The road is rough
The times are tough
Feels like hands are tied down with a cuff
The path is stony
The people are phony

But, my consciousness is...
I will make it anyway
I will stay happy all the way
I will remain just, never go astray
Negative words, I won't say
Tomorrow will be a better day!
Rizna M Rameez Sep 2018
We pray
Not only to be eased of hardships
But to be blessed with the ability
Of overcoming them.
Inspired by The Kite Runner.
I think that's what Amir missed.
Wyatt Sep 2018
Ease my wayward mind,
relieve the tension I hide.
Put aside all my pride,
address evil deep inside.
I must learn to love my life,
invite others with open arms.
I cannot do this alone,
one man can't make a home.
This poem was constructed thanks in part to Gods1son.
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This piece is apart of my #OWE series, where I write poems based off of words given to me by readers. If said poems are deemed good enough, then end up being published here for all to read. Thank you all for reading and you can contribute a word here:
Anthony Mayfield Jul 2018
I never meant to feel like this
It came like a sudden fright
Crazy as I am
I’m not so spontaneous
I keep my love out of the light
A true nocturnal creature I am
An animal plain as can be
All the motions that I cram
A display for all to see

Yet none see it
None but me
And maybe

I don’t know what you will say
Somehow that makes this greater
I should be frightened
Scared and trembling
Yet I feel as the victor
I don’t know if you’ll see like this
I hope I never find out
Your heart is mine
So smooth like wine
Come see
You won’t want to miss

Yet none see it
And yet you do
And maybe
That’s enough for two
I never meant to feel like this... But now I'm glad that I do.
Madisen Kuhn Jul 2018
one day
it will be easy to breathe
my lungs will inhale flowers
and honey
it will be second nature
like riding a bicycle
like tying a shoe
like swallowing a pill
and i will hold on
tightly and
with shaking hands
until then
feeling very overwhelmed lately. trying to hold onto the hope that it will not always feel this way. i will find my peace.
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