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Leeann Rose Jan 2021
It’s time to let go of that pain..
Drown the sorrow ..
Find the peace that echos , at the deep end of your soul ...
Throw away those thoughts, that take over your head..
Throw away those knives that cut deep in your heart ..
Forgive those that cut you deep with words..
Control your emotions...
Pick up the pieces of your face .. trying to prove to others, your worth ..
Build a garden with beautiful roses, smell them in the morning time ..
Drink some coffee, and feel that soothing feeling..
Look in the mirror and touch your body at night ..
Love every part of you.
Let go of the pain.
Leeann Rose Jan 2021
Love me less , & respect me more ...
I am not a punching bag ..
I am not the reason why you are mad.
Don't yell at me ...
Dont insult me ...
Dont belittle me ..
Like you hate my guts.

Saying you love me, but bruising my heart
Trying to figure out what’s wrong with me?
Got me questioning my worth..
Looking in the mirror, and I can’t get the right angle..
Can’t take pictures, cause I think the camera is broken.. but it’s only you that’s broken ...

You throw words at my head, got me thinking I’m bugging ..
I gotta think straight...
Maybe you love me to hard ..
You say you love me so much..
I need you to love me a little less
And respect me more ...
Leeann Rose Jan 2021
I pretend I don’t see of what is undesirable
It doesn’t move my soul ..
It’s always something , it’s such an unpleasant feeling..

You’re hurting me, with the blame game..
Say that you love me, but how could you feel the same?

Abuse comes in all forms. Verbally you’re killing me, with words that cut deep..
I keep patching myself up.. you keep ripping the bandages off.
It’s amusing to you.
You shatter my heart on a daily ..

Some days are good and some are bad.
Some are wet and rainy and some are dry
Some are stormy, and some are just cold.. like your heart.

I turn a blind eye to a love that will never be told because it’s so hard.. Its so embarrassing how much I love you ... they would say how could you love someone like that!?

And yet , I still do.
A blind eye to being a fool.
Leeann Rose Dec 2020

I’ve been distant from everyone ...
Trying to find myself ...
To only be losing myself in the mist of it all..
Pretending to be okay ..
Which I never was,
I mean wish I was..

I have good days and bad..
My mind race with thoughts uncontrollably..
Evil ones
Good ones
Bad ones
Unrealistic ones..

Sometimes my mind goes blank, sometimes I daydream and feel everything and sometimes I feel nothing at all...

Try to knock me down
I fumble a little but never fall...
I be trippin
These drugs got me lifted
This drink got me numb
I’ve been feeling nothing for to long
It’s scary ..
I can’t let the evil take control,
the devil controls the weak..
I am still head high with so much strength !
Just hurts to be strong sometimes.
I’m disconnecting from myself , trying to connect to people...
I always feel alone .. Even when I’m not.

My heart is crying out for help..
My pride won’t let me get it ...
I’m over it all...
I need to distance myself from my emotions, & my feelings..
& reconnect to my soul
Just a feeling so common ! Real relate
Leeann Rose Aug 2020
A cool breeze , makes me feel free
A cup of coffee or tea , is soothing to me ..
A lit candle burning, puts me at ease ..
A walk around the block, the children laughing makes me smile.
A cruel world, they know nothing about ..
I'm still Living in the moments, trying to figure it all out
Some days are harder than most ..
I find strength within..
I know I'll be okay ..
Never forgetting to breathe.
One day at a time.
Leeann Rose Feb 2018
I'm tired of fighting.
Can't believe you said those things to me.
Like wow.
As if I am never surprised...
Your actions
Your manipulative
ways ..
We argue a say things so hurtful and I'm like wow.
I miss the days we use to laugh and smile .. I still look at you, so beautiful ..
You are wow.
I know I love you like XO.
I do **** because you say so.
You got me ,
wrapped around your fingers.
Like wow.
We can be so mean to each other.
We still love ...its like wow.
Leeann Rose Jan 2018
Metaphor - Statement that pretends one things is really something else.

Simile - Statement where you say an object is similar to the other.
( like or as )

Concrete words - Describe things people experience with senses

Abstract words - refer to concepts or feeling
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