I'm tired of fighting.
Can't believe you said those things to me.
Like wow.
As if I am never surprised...
Your actions
Your manipulative
ways ..
We argue a say things so hurtful and I'm like wow.
I miss the days we use to laugh and smile .. I still look at you, so beautiful ..
You are wow.
I know I love you like XO.
I do shit because you say so.
You got me ,
wrapped around your fingers.
Like wow.
We can be so mean to each other.
We still love ...its like wow.
Leeann Rose Feb 13
Idk why I feel this way ... I can't speak , don't know what to say ...
So much in my head , so much on my mind.. I feel like I'm going crazy half the time ...
Crying gives me a headache ..
Crying hard hurts my stomach. .it puts it in a knot .
I don't know what to do and what not to do ... I'm alive but I feel dead.
Idk what to do anymore...
I'm so numb but my heart is so sore.
Leeann Rose Feb 1
Went through hell and back, these scars are just a memory.
I aint never stop living.
No more trust was giving.
Tell my story for what ?
Im different.
Pain in my soul
My heart turned cold.
Shed a tear for everything I've been through ..
Now I move alone ..
Went through some shit and bounced back, they hate when I do that. !!!
Leeann Rose Jan 31
Stop ! Please stop yelling.
I know I should speak up.
I know I should stop listening to people .. What do they know about me ? I can't let them define me! They keeping trying to belittle me, calling me names, telling me who they think I am .. And yet, I still don't speak up.
Everyone makes mistakes, everyone has their own way of thinking ..why cause I don't move how they want me to , ? They call me names
Half the shit I know ..they dont know. Im very wise, just quiet. Please ...
Stop yelling ... Im listening , doesnt mean what you are saying is right.
Leeann Rose Jan 28
I love you.
I don't know if you love me the same.
My heart hurts.
I'm still loving you in every way. .
Can you show some kind of emotion?
Dont just leave me open.
Playing with my emotions.
You look me in my eyes, I can see the focus. Focus on loving me , cause I love you.. Please love me the same.
Leeann Rose Jan 27
Metaphor - Statement that pretends one things is really something else.

Simile - Statement where you say an object is similar to the other.
( like or as )

Concrete words - Describe things people experience with senses

Abstract words - refer to concepts or feeling
Leeann Rose Jan 27
Break her heart, If you must.
Its what she allows, you to do.
Why are you so heartless and cold ? Hurting her and leaving her alone.
All she did was love you.
All you did was lust after her.
Constantly breaking her into peices, after every stroke.
While your heart beats fast, hers beat slow. Your the guy, she was trying to know. But ....
Break her heart if you must.. Even though she gave you all her trust.
If you didnt love her , should of let her know.
Don't be selfish ..
Don't you think , its time to let her go ..
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