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Leeann Rose Apr 2018
I see things in you , that you don't see in yourself // & i know lately you been going thru **** // so much pain and i can tell // in your heart is getting dark // if the world against you so be it // i know your vision, even if they can't see it !! #JustWriting ....
Leeann Rose Mar 2018
Brand new start.  I'm giving You my heart.  Giving you my emotions and pain that I had bottled up.  I'm letting lose,  to show you my strength and how I can love over and over again..
Leeann Rose Mar 2018
I have been through heartache and pain.
Yet,  I still haven't changed.
I still love the same.
Different from my pain,  isn't that strange.
I use to love people more then I love myself,  not anymore.
Doesn't mean I love any less then before.
I don't leave people hearts sore.
Leeann Rose Feb 2018
I'm tired of fighting.
Can't believe you said those things to me.
Like wow.
As if I am never surprised...
Your actions
Your manipulative
ways ..
We argue a say things so hurtful and I'm like wow.
I miss the days we use to laugh and smile .. I still look at you, so beautiful ..
You are wow.
I know I love you like XO.
I do **** because you say so.
You got me ,
wrapped around your fingers.
Like wow.
We can be so mean to each other.
We still love ...its like wow.
Leeann Rose Feb 2018
Idk why I feel this way ... I can't speak , don't know what to say ...
So much in my head , so much on my mind.. I feel like I'm going crazy half the time ...
Crying gives me a headache ..
Crying hard hurts my stomach. .it puts it in a knot .
I don't know what to do and what not to do ... I'm alive but I feel dead.
Idk what to do anymore...
I'm so numb but my heart is so sore.
Leeann Rose Feb 2018
Went through **** and back, these scars are just a memory.
I aint never stop living.
No more trust was giving.
Tell my story for what ?
Im different.
Pain in my soul
My heart turned cold.
Shed a tear for everything I've been through ..
Now I move alone ..
Went through some **** and bounced back, they hate when I do that. !!!
Leeann Rose Jan 2018
Stop ! Please stop yelling.
I know I should speak up.
I know I should stop listening to people .. What do they know about me ? I can't let them define me! They keeping trying to belittle me, calling me names, telling me who they think I am .. And yet, I still don't speak up.
Everyone makes mistakes, everyone has their own way of thinking ..why cause I don't move how they want me to , ? They call me names
Half the **** I know ..they dont know. Im very wise, just quiet. Please ...
Stop yelling ... Im listening , doesnt mean what you are saying is right.
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