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India Aug 2021
I don't pretend to know why Eve ate the apple
but I know she's not the one who ****** us.

He created Her for Him.
A Marionett made on a whim, discarded.
The predesecor to the ****** Mother.
Mary, I'm so sorry.

I wonder who realised first their limbs had strings?  
A lamb and a shepard
Born for slaughter.
We were all daughters once.

I sat through sermons week in, week out,
never a doubt about where I was meant to fit.
I wonder what my daughters opinion is on having never been born.

I stopped reading the bible before I could discover the word for a Childless Mother but I'm pretty sure it's Women.
What does that make me.

When I eat an apple,
I like to cut it into slices and eat each segment individually.  
I'll throw away the seeds, nibble at the core, discard the skin.
We were told she took a bite
but I often wonder just how Eve committed her sin
and what is taste like.

I do not begrudge Eve the apple.
I begrudge Adam the audactiy to ask for a partner in suffering.
Duckie Apr 2021
I don’t believe in good or evil, heaven or hell.
My idea goes-
The only true punishment for Eve’s
Alleged temptation,
Would be a forced breath, a rebirth, repeat life for
As long as humans are able to walk the earth,

That will show us.
Bea Burnett Jul 2020
To peel back your skin,
To sink my teeth deeply within,
Nothing between us,
Just flesh juice and core,
Treat me to what’s yours.
Forbidden fruit
I’m made of dust, dried bones and incomplete,
To be cursed for want of a stolen rib,
Barely alive with the faintest heartbeat,
A grown man like an orphan in his crib.

No room for a soul in my shriveled veins,
No life support for fragile loneliness,
To acquiesce in sadness given reins,
A flawed experiment in holiness.

To be alive gives no consolation,
My helpmate has absconded with my soul,
Turning my devotion to temptation
To fill a void when I should have been whole.

This lesson has been far too hard to learn!
To God-forsaken earth let me return!
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Lori York Dec 2018
I painted it
With one of his ribs
He knew I needed it
And he gave it
He'd always
Had an extra one.
Becca Lansman Aug 2017
Let your wet lips leak the forbidden fruit onto my plate.

I will eat

Swallow you
whole and beg for more.

Sweet boy, let me into your Eden to pick your apples.

What a beautiful life we could live
as outcasts.
SabreLi Dec 2016
I’ve longed for so long to be
A part of something apart from me
But the seconds and minutes draw near
Turn into days, into weeks, a year
Just what will it take to be,
Just to be, to be free

Will you be the Adam to my Eve?
Without you I’m incomplete
Just half of what I could be
Jack and Sally or Sid and Nancy
Nobody else can compete
Together we will run free

Let’s write our own twisted love story
Who cares what anyone else may say
We’ll be both the judge and jury
And in our own little world we’ll stay

I want to be closer now
Closer than skin and bone will allow
I want to peel away the edges
To remove all the excess
Be closer than we know how
Just be free, you and me

The Romeo to my Juliet
Without you I’m incomplete
Just half of what I could be
I’ll be Scarlett O and you’ll be Rhett
Nobody else can compete
Together we will run free

Let’s write our own twisted love story
Who cares what anyone else may say
We’ll be both judge and jury
And in our own little world we’ll stay

Will you be the Jekyll to my Hyde?
Without you I’m incomplete
Just half of what I could be
And I’ll be the Bonnie to your Clyde,
Nobody else can compete
Together we will run free

Copyright © 2016-2017 KF
An attempt at a subject I know very little of. My own twisted interpretation of a love story.
Tyrel Kriger Sep 2016
from the golden tree
That apple of which I bit
and then tossed down hill
rolled down along the pit
got scuffed with mud and spit
our minds forgot
our bodies ought not
control our thought

from such beacons
do we all depart
trying to find our place,
our very own part
feeling for others souls
with are hands, without heart
to such depths all must go
getting filthy just to know
when we find a convenient answer
upwards we to flow

we take it up, hold it high
figuring that if it touched the sky
amongst us would the beacon live
free for all to share and and give
our jewel, blissful humanity slays
for amongst our rivalry is it lain

we all fight the good fight
some haven't been able to take a bite
and hide away
thinking they missed the last good day
Wrote this back in high school. The symbol of the apple is still one of my favorite. And I'm not alone in that haha.
Justine Kiss Nov 2015
Our love is like some stars in the sky
Which is light years too late to survive
It's already dead as we gaze upon it
Already ended before it begun

Our love will just be like some stars
Nothing but captivating memories
A light that shines in darkest moments
Swallowed by sunrise as it faces reality

If only the clock can be turned
Before an Eve was drawn from you
Before the vows had been exchanged
Before the fruits ripened and was due

I could have been your Eve
The one beside you under the sheets
Who fills the gaps between your fingers
While holding on to the wings of little angels

The thought would make me the happiest being
But now its nothing but a celestial dream
Maybe in another life it will come true
Or in another galaxy... who knows,
      there could be me and you.

Even if I plead to thousand shooting stars
I know my wish of us cannot be done
And never would I want to be the serpent with an apple
Deceiving hearts and making humanity miserable.
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