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Gabriel burnS Jul 2018
I felt it crumbling
I felt it falling with the rain
The invisible
I felt it falling
Bits and pieces
Shreds and ribbons
The clothing of my wings
As God unpacked the wraps with haste
Like a restless child
Tearing down the gift
Together with the wrapping

I felt it falling
Scorching on the skin
Of frail reveries
Soaking wet I felt the taste
Of gasoline
And drowned the rain
Into my eyelids

How long wilt thou - this generation of deceit and joy – detain,
Starve, and defraud the people of our holiest reign?
Content ingloriously wasted to pass by as our falling days,
Like the flooding rains, as virtuous fools chase each other’s praise:
Till all thy fleshly allegories, now dimmed once shined so bright
As the multitudes grow stale - tarnished with each day’s new light.
Please believe me, ye youth by whose royal fruit thy must be
Gathered before ripened - else ye rot upon the tree.
Heaven itself must be sufficiently allotted, soon of late,
Like some unlucky youthful revolution born purely out of fate.
This false fate whose notions if we watch with skill,
For does not human good depend on human will?
Fortune rolls upward like lava, smoothly it does ascend,
From its first release, it takes not the bend.
But, if un-seized, it glides away like the wind
And leaves us - a late repenting fool far behind.
Now to meet with you, the you reading of this glorious prize,
As I spread these wisdom words before you as above you he flies.
Had thus Old Noah, from whose ***** we all offspring,
Not dared, when fortune called him to be the lead offering,
At the bottom of the ocean in exile he might still remain
And Heaven's sacred anointing oil would have been in vain.
Let Noah’s successional ages to your heart engage
And not shun the examples of this prophesized declining age.
For behold soon there comes three days of darkness to the skies,
As the shadows lengthen into the airs and then we slowly vaporize.

Watching the weather, all the earthquakes, the volcano eruptions, the crazy skies and all - well - if you haven't thought about some of the prophecy you've always heard then perhaps this poem makes very little sense to you. But on the off chance that while you read this piece you too have noticed the weird strangeness now enveloping the globe then maybe you can appreciate why I had to write this.
Mister J May 2018
When our eyes met
Time slowed down
Heart beating fast
Lips glued together
A rush of emotions
Sweeping me away
My mind totally blank
Everything felt surreal

Everything felt so right
The moment is just perfect
And the future flashed
Before my clairvoyant eyes
With you lying in my arms
Clutched in my embrace
Lips pressed on mine
Madly and deeply in love

All it takes
To make it all real
Is to muster all my courage
And gather all my strength
Just to utter a single

Here I go..
Third poem this week
Haven't posted this many since I started
in Hello Poetry.

I guess I've become somewhat of a hopeless romantic
Waiting for someone to walk by
Who turns my world upside down

Ever felt that feeling?
Like you want to fall in love again like its your first time?
Blindly following your feelings
Unafraid to get hurt
And innocent in all things?

Like that moment when you first kissed?
Or held hands?
That sudden rush of emotions
That you can't comprehend.
All you know is that
You're happy?

Anyway. Enough of this.
Thanks for reading! :)

aniket nikhade Nov 2015
Thick black clouds, stormy winds, heavy rains, torrential downpour,
everything is over
It’s time now to move out .

Step by step, one step at a time
Every step directed towards destination.

Let it run
Let it flow
Let it go along with the flow.

When gushes of water come in between the legs,
let the water run,
let it flow so as to reach it's marked destination.

Never allow the water to remain contained in one place
Never stop the flow, in fact let the rainwater flow on it's own
Let it go away on it's own along with the flow.

Life continues, which means that time does not stop,
since time and tide waits for none.

Try to be a part of the present moment in time
Move ahead, keeping in mind the present moment in time.

The future remains uncertain
At some point of time in the present the future will get ascertained.
The uncertainty with regards to future keeps every thought going on in the mind with regards to the present and future on hold.
Still the present moment in time has always been important
The present moment in time will decide all the responsibilities that need to be handled with caution and care in the present and also in future.

Every effort in present is made to gain excellence
An attempt is always made in the present to ascertain the future as much as possible
The future still remains uncertain
Still in the present moment an individual moves ahead expecting to make more efforts in the time that is yet to come,
all this to gain the desired level of excellence.

Keep moving along with the flow
Never stop the train of thought
Let the thoughts going on in the mind,
keep coming and going on their own.
Streamline them.

One by one each and every thought will get it's priority position
Followed by streamlining of thoughts will be planning and line of action that needs to be taken.
Focus will always matter the most when it comes to moving ahead along with the flow towards the new destination
Till reaching upon the new destination keep going along with the flow.
Äŧül Jul 2015
Me & you got stuck at the club,
But there's nothing to worry bud,
As we don't intend to go home,
In the torrential rain we can't either.

So come closer to embrace me,
Don't fear the thunderstorm dear,
Nothing to lose - memories to gain,
Just enjoy the tip-tip sound of rain.
A spontaneous poem that I wrote after I got inspired from a video call with my mate while it was raining and I was playing badminton inside the sports club building.

My HP Poem #891
©Atul Kaushal
We sat aloft a dune
   peering over the ocean,
waves mesmerizing
  our inner turmoil,
grainy surf dimensions
    cut into psyche,
voices turned hazy
midst broiling sun
  washed back with
   salt water tears,
there was no lighthouse
  to guide the way
  nor save disparate crests  
no words reverberated the sound,
    just the floundering of
      gritty restless emotions
that once were blissed horizons
   before moon lost its balance
     to relentless torrential currents
      of neglectful destruction,
   drowning in ambiguous undertows
The full moon took effect.
Amitav Radiance Jul 2014
The night’s silence invaded by rains
Cutting through the darkness
Dingy streets exposed by the lightning
Howling ferociously, with vengeance
Street dwellers soaked to the spirits
Helpless against the outburst of nature
Scurrying to salvage their meager belongings
Cold and wet streets offer them little solace
The old library portico offers some respite
Nefarious activities are deluged
Tonight no one is on the prowl, no prize catch
Although cold outside, it’s been a sleepless night
So many memories rain down my thought crucible
Filling it to the brim, I feel drowning in them
So many emotions raining down on me
A shiver runs down my spine, cold eeriness
Stormy night stirred up my past
My silent present invaded on a rainy night

— The End —