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Bluepetal Aug 2022
Your eyes, they don’t speak
But I listened
My heart, you didn’t ask
But I’ve given
My love so deep
You got drowned
Your love so dry
It withered

Bluepetal Aug 2022
You just changed suddenly
And stop seeing me
Isn’t it funny?
How destiny played with me
It is truly sad when you have fought for someone who was not worth fighting for...
Bluepetal Jan 2022
In my dream we were just as happy
Like the old days how we used to be
But it was just a dream ...
And far from reality

We faced the high eyebrows
Tried to beat all the odds
But we knew
From the start
The time will come
That we’ll be drifted apart

Because You and me
Are never meant to be
Our destiny is our enemy

Perhaps in the next life time
Once again
You can be mine
But for now you may stay
As a fragment of
My silly memory
Bluepetal Jan 2022
Growing up, competed with my cousin
In gatherings, she could dance and sing
When talent and beauty meets
She became a crowd favorite

From that day I doubted my existence
And slowly walked away from the “audience”
Then, Lonely became my new name
Will I win in this life’s game?

I have eluded every conversation
Pen and paper became my companion
Talking to people is not my passion
And even chose a mundane profession

Tried many times to break free
Reverse the drama of my personality
But it’s like holding water in your hand
Change maybe easy, perhaps with a magic wand
Bluepetal Jan 2022
The tears I can’t show
With the rain let it flow
May all the pain I have
Be gone with the wind’s strike

Sea, with your vastness
Can you absorb all my agony?

Sun, with your brightness
Can you light up my confused mind?

Storm, with your rage
Can you shatter my depression?

I have to break this chain
To keep me sane
For the sake of my liberty
In the name of my sanity
Bluepetal Jan 2022
My mind,
Shaping the melancholy

My heart,
Lamenting in agony

My pride
Rejoicing, claims victory

My self
Succumbing, tired & weary

My downfall
Blaming, nobody but me…
Bluepetal Feb 2018
Inside this shell
I will no longer see
The sun wrapping the fading moon
Indomitably defying the wolf's groom
Slowly kissing the ***** on the high
Til its glory & brilliance burst in the sky

Inside this shell
I will no longer hear
The descant of the birds
Sitting on the shivering trees
Whether they're happy or sober
Doesn't matter which sounds better

Inside this shell
I will no longer see
How the mist of the morning dew
Gives breath to the flower anew
After the Night showered tears upon
Beautiful crystals on the lawn it has become

inside this shell

I choose to be alone
Because i am not that strong
That people thought me I am
And the agony can stay until I say
Even if the pain goes thru my vein

I am tired to prove myself
So I'd just hide inside this shell
And I'd live the life I want
And not what others tell
As I am drained in  complete exhaustion
Living someone else' expectations

I have helped others like a candle
My flame lighted their way
But while their path is getting bright
Mine is becoming dark
And slowly my light is fading
The white candle is now melting...
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