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Cjf Jul 2018
The harder I fall the more I fall away
It's self preservation at its finest
But why do I want to fall from the one who loves me?
We're at a cliff and I'm hanging on with one hand
and he's at the top begging me to not let go
It's temptation it's fear
It's a lifetime of leaving before I'm left
It's a lifetime of leaving blame on everyone else
It's a lifetime of loving so hard my heart can't handle it
But he assures me he can shoulder the weight of my burdens
My past, my present, and future
It's trust he's trying to hand me and that my hand can't reach for because it wants to let go
And go and go and fall and drop
It wants to reach out for him and pull him closer to me and with me.
I want him on top and on bottom and I want him near and away
But my body betrays me and the magnetic force is always trying to turn the opposite direction so we can't click together
I don't know why I am the way I am and I don't want to be me sometimes
Which came first?
Kodfather questioned
Philosophically intelligent
An egg or a chick?

A circle has
Swamy Downey replied
No beginning
Stone Swamy Downey to death
Roared the Kodfather
Amidst the mob
Hooded, stamping his feet on the ground.
Dust was flickering all over the air

He has
No fear
No pain
No guilt
Kodfather blasted out words.
He spat the cigarette **** out

His is a free mind
'T cannot be ruled
If he survives
We are doomed
Took the mouse from the plate before him
Cut its head with a scissors.

Blood pouring from
the innocent creature's remains
'T was dropped

Assassinate his character
That's enough of an excuse
There is no such thing
As free lunch
Said Swamy Downey

There is no such thing
As free server
SIRI said

Wise girl
Swamy Downey approved
Swamy Downey was passing by
The table where SIRI was lecturing about love
To her friends on a meal


You know why
Love is said to be the positive force?
Asked Swamy Downey

Because people buy iPhones
For the love of Apple
Replied SIRI Haughtily

Thus spake Swamy Downey
Love is composed of light
It lights up the souls
It removes darkness
When darkness disappears
*You can see the right path
Inspired by a poem by Deborah Gregory, our HP friend

Swamy Downey Vs SIRI VII
Kodfather was a young adult
At the time this story begins

He went to a tea shop
with one of his followers

Started debate
with few of the fellow
and was virtually

Impressed with his oratory skills
One man asked
How old are you Kod?

Dunno sir
But one thing
My mother said once
When my sister was born
"You are three years older than her Pizzie"
For she loves pizza

Thirteen years passed since
So I must be
Sixteen years older than her
To know more about the Kodfather and his sister, Rose, check here
The right time is
Right now - Swamy Downey
10 words including Swamy Downey ;-)
Who do you think you are?
Said the Kodfather
In a derisive tone.

One of the greatest brains
In the world
Since 1950
Replied Swamy Downey.

What about the other parts
Of your body*
Questioned the Kodfather

With a wicked smile
This is a back story of sorts

To know about Kodfather, check that poem

The above link is Swamy Downey Begins - II
Swamy Downey Begins - III
It's not
The banners
It's our
That should talk about us
A Swamy Downey Quote
I know everyone
In the town
Said the Big Brother

But everyone
Knows me*
Swamy Downey
Swamy Downey - V
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