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Mercy Feb 27
They say if you were fooled once it's not on you but when the cycle repeats itself then that's on you.
Guess I saw a silhouette of my knight in shining armor in just a mere man
I own it,
It should have been obvious though,
Can't you see it
You are a too good to be true commodity
Reason why people leave you at the shelf

I'm torn, what exactly I'm i supposed to become to be seen for who I really am.
Guess it's just another journal day.
God what messed up cycle do you keep putting me through,
What exactly am I missing

Maybe it's the prayer I make about him
The him I don't know
The him I need
The him who is final
For now I'm being tested and told to be open
But I'm not a register for anyone to sign up
I am selective and I'm not about to down size myself to fit in a smaller package.

All I have to offer now is this current me
I'm more of beauty and brains and that's fine by me.
Imma keep at it.
If the cycle will keep playing the same game then it's on.
This time I won't sell myself short or fit in the idea someone else has of me in their medulla.

I'll just have to watch and learn
Mercy Jan 5
I put my heart a way in a lock and key
Threw the key in a well
I never thought there was a force so strong
That could pull the key to
Open me up again
But he has managed.
L. O
Who would have thought,
The aloof beauty has some warmth left in her
I'm still in awe
Still scared but this time
I'm more scared of regret than jumping the cliff
I pray that the ground won't
Stretch it's lips this time to
Kiss my pretty face..
All I want is to fall in his arms,
Embrace his sweet heart as though it's mine.

Baby I don't just want to love you.
I want to hold your hand through and through
You make me feel like a small teenage girl
Mercy May 2022
Life is a spectrum,
As by passage through a prism
It's said that the greatest war
We indulge in mostly
Is between our hearts and brain.
My question is why?
Why do two components staged to work in one anthropoid tend to differ so much?
Which one provides more clarity?
Its funny how hard it is to comprehend our thoughts in that direction.
It's sickening right?
I know...
But to get our balance
We'll have to resist.
Fight against ourselves
Our thoughts.
But the question we must ask is;
Can we do it?
Are we brave enough?
Some silence to a disturbed mind is key.
Mercy Feb 2022

What do you do when you're at the edge
That place that you keep
Landing in...
Over and over as though a melody?.

When waves of emotions stir up
As tears fight,
Trying to escape my eye lids
Maybe wash off the pain in my eyes.

Religion, relationship, career, purpose
Nothing makes sense
I'm at a loss here
What's with me
Do I enjoy the roller coaster
And why is it always painful

This knife stuck in my
Stuck., as my molten blood
Burn it down,
Melting it from it's metallic state
Consumed completely into dark
The horror.
The voices, the mock,
The evil laugh,
Of him winning
Ha!'re a seven remember
The mass that should
Predict the future behind you doesn't measure up,
Your face is pale,
Your eyes dilated,
Your knees sharp...decide whether you wanna be a girl coz ha!
Your short fat fingers ugh! Pathetic!
What was God even thinking trying to put up all this?
You're the definition of mess.

At that dark corner
I smiled,
I chuckled and in the middle of a chuckle  
I broke a tear
And laughed hysterically
For the sick joke.

Striding slowly to the mirror.
I see my reflection
I'm not sure what they saw
When they were saying all that
Coz I don't see it.
I see a reflection of God
Maker of the heavens and earth

Can't believe it broke my heart
Listening to their empty
Maybe I forget how perfect
His work is
I hope I'll snap in time
To appreciate the rhythm
For the hallelujahs we to raise

Coz everything He created was good and perfect
So next time you
Find yourself doubting
His master piece
Consult The spirit that
Hovered over the waters
When the earth was with no form
Helping the Father complete His work
Which was affirmed good.
Not forgetting Him breathing life into
You and placing you
Where He called good and perfect.

Let His words flow out of you
Changing the slow rock rhythm that keeps living you hanging on the edge
And dance on those sharp
Thorns coz even though the snake
Bites you,

The poison won't harm you.
Maybe you're a small girl which
Is perfect coz you have a big God.
Small girl big God
Mercy Sep 2021
The heat emission
Burning my heart down to submission
Only to wake at eviction.
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Mercy Aug 2021
Hey long time
Was his first statement
I thought I'd be excited and ready
To face him after the long break.
I couldn't
I couldn't stand the smirk in his face
The composed frame
The focused look
Who are you?
Why the heck am I the only one bothered here?
For a moment right there I was loosing it
Deep within but kept a straight look
Unbothered by what was happening on the outside
While the inside was nothing but chaos
The long hug after seeing me
Affirmation that we will be fine.
I chuckled coz that possibility is a
Forgotten story
And I'm not willing to dig up
The skeletons in that grave.
When you left I died
My corpses gently placed in the tomb
Of never will I ever
But look at me now.
I have it all
But the saddest tell of our tale
Is that your absence
Will always drive me to
The point of never mind.
It is what it is
Mercy May 2021
I'm fine on my own,
I was fine on my own,
Won't stop doing so either way,
I'm halfway done almost a masterpiece,
Only if I give it my full attention to heal.

The breaking part is getting old,
I hate guessing, and been
Enlightened that con**-men give,
By earning trust, time and chance
But am on a timeline
Where it's better for nothing to be happening,
Than a download pending update

My patience I ran out
The day I realized I give
More than they deserve,
It's not why give that's eating me up,
But why consistently give when it's not something
That graces my lips to curve upwards as it crosses my mind.

If all you asking is for me to give,
Then I'll give you my regards
Sending you off to the next
Patient who has enough patience
To give you the chance to
Pull yourself together,
Time to prove your worth,
And enough time to earn each other's trust.

Am an ocean, I give beauty
And breath taking sceneries,
Smile to the sun whenever it
Smothers me with it's warmth,
Gracing me with it's glee
Brightening my core with its shine.
I give myself by embracing
My shores to it's least,
Closing-in to it's depth and surfacing my weak emotions with no weight.
That's how am built
As far as I have water and the void to fill,
Flowing will be me in waves
Through tides and against rocks.
I As the ocean accommodates the dead too
And live with it until someone
Picks out the rote in me.
As long as I have an inlet and an outlet
Expect me to give fresh water.
Remember a pin dropped in an ocean doesn't move waves.
I hate guessing and being in cycles. Overthinking dropped me in a depressions once and am not going back to that hellhole so God help me
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