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Isaac Spencer Feb 2023
Kiss lips, hips twist-

Fingers fumble and miss,

Fist of hair, drum snare,

The crowd blares,

Fabric thin, trapped within,

Electric current, skin on skin,

**** tongue, come undone,

How it feels to chew Five® Gum.
Isaac Spencer Jun 2021
I like to-
Poison my tea
To remember to breath
Shallow as the sun
Setting under the sea

I like to-
Put my hand to the fire
Just to beg for the cold
If I ever grow tired
I'll still be a fool

I like to-
Step barefoot through glass
Just to feel the blood flow
If it heals for a while
I'll make trails in the snow

I like to-
Cut deep,
Dig for the bone
If I find it and pull
Will I feel alone

I like to-
Drag it out,
Suffer real sweet
Its a sickness inside
And it runs so deep

I like to-
Hold my breath,
A belt on my throat
I tied it so tight
So i left you this note
Isaac Spencer Apr 2021
I did all the drugs
And I drank at the pubs
And I fought in the lots
And I ran from the cops
And I did everything
They tell you that you shouldn't do

But now I'm diagnosed
Cause my heart's end is close
Cause it's growing way thicker
And it's making me sicker
Genetically inclined
To die before my time

They sent me to church
Because I'm in the lurch
Told me I should pray
'Fore my life goes away
And I prayed really hard
That they would just go *******

But now I'm lying in bed
And my heart's full of lead
My pulse has gone stagnant
And my thoughts are jagged
Would I change a thing?
No, no, not for you!
Isaac Spencer Oct 2020
I don't think, as I reach up,
As I reach up, the stars shrink,
The stars shrink, and like glass cuts,
And like glass cuts, I don't think,

The stars fall, and like glass cuts,
And like glass cuts, the clouds stall,
The clouds stall, it won't end, but-
It wont end, but the stars fall,

We can't die, it won't end, but-
It won't end, but I can't cry,
I can't cry, 'cause in my gut,
'Cause in my gut, we can't die.

I don't think, 'cause in my gut,
'Cause in my gut, it's all drink,
It's all drink, I don't know what,
I don't know what, I don't think.
This is a new form I made, which uses an ABAB rhyme scheme for each stanza, with each line being an odd number of words long, made of two phrases where one phrase is one word shorter than the other. A lines are odd/even, while B lines are even/odd. The second phrase of the first line is the first phrase of the second line, and so on, but the 4th line of the stanza ends with the first phrase of the first line.

The second stanza's  second phrase on the first line uses the first phrase from the last stanza's last line.

And the last stanza's first line should begin with the same phrase the poem began with, to end how it began.

There are no syllabic rules, this is all about recursion.

Mmm recursion.
Isaac Spencer Sep 2020
Oh, it's been such a tough day, I'd-
******* **** for a cigarette,
Pathetic, upset, frayed and failing,
Falling apart with blood to let,

I'd like to get some rest now,
Without whiskey on my breath,
I'm more of a ***** scumbag,
And I'm begging to be left,

Again I lay awake,
Oh, redemption, I pray,
Or one more drunken hookup,
Whatever comes my way.
Isaac Spencer Sep 2020
Hallmark stories are awfully boring,
Every story gets me snoring,
'She was misunderstood' and stuff,
'He would never be good enough',

And she finds a new man through luck,
And he's a decent... buck,
But is he worth it?
'Oh, he's so perfect!',

And they are like oil and fire,
They're gunna burn their bed down,
But they get along well, I guess,
And do things they won't confess,

And then suddenly they break up,
And get back together,
Contrived circumstances-
And wedding advances,

But it's never mentioned-
How three years later,
With a baby on her knee,
How lonely marriage can be,

Cause he's got a drinking habit,
And she's scarred to bring it up,
The baby's bruises are rough,
He's just misunderstood and stuff.
Isaac Spencer Sep 2020
Atop the tower
          A mage
     With storm in hand

And inside their mind
          Glass, sand
     An empty sky

A clap of thunder
          Hot light
     With no remorse
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