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Raven Feels Apr 14
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, friendships are like gold-so hard to find so easy to lose:]

on the border you await

eyes lighten up on the pupils dilate

shut up as always you sense

vulnerability on the walk so immense

when you embrace never flinch never haste

a rock you are on locked doors no waste

red sweaters on black disobey

even when unknown glances pass

a souvenir from past lives mass

I did all the drugs
And I drank at the pubs
And I fought in the lots
And I ran from the cops
And I did everything
They tell you that you shouldn't do

But now I'm diagnosed
Cause my heart's end is close
Cause it's growing way thicker
And it's making me sicker
Genetically inclined
To die before my time

They sent me to church
Because I'm in the lurch
Told me I should pray
'Fore my life goes away
And I prayed really hard
That they would just go *******

But now I'm lying in bed
And my heart's full of lead
My pulse has gone stagnant
And my thoughts are jagged
Would I change a thing?
No, no, not for you!
Isaac Spencer Jul 2020
My hands are cold,
They're shaking, so violently,
This land is old,
We're breaking it real quietly,
So I asked, "what is the reason?",
Ah, ****, they're calling this treason.
Shadow Dragon Apr 2018

A soul.
Dark coal
staring Eyes.


Put on a show.
Hearing it.
Not a bit

Dr Zik Jan 2018
You are so matchless
Beauties and words are useless
All over the world

You are most precious
No fame and fun are worthwhile
All over the world

You want You select
No one dare access You
All over the world

Your delivered call
No one dare to modify
All over the world

You are mighty Lord
We are in need of mercy
All over the world

We bow in prayer
Bless us peace everlasting
All over the world

Sun sets after all
But Your love has no downfall
All over the world

Bless enlightened path
We are all in search of You
All over the world

We obey at once
No one dare disobey You
All over the world

Bless us Your will
We bow in Your love O’ Lord
All over the world

You are caring us
You are almighty my Lord
All over the world

You are Merciful
You are Bountiful my Lord
All over the world

We have countless gain
You are first and final Lord
All over the world
Dr Zik;s Poetry;
These are humbly written lines and hi to all of my friends after a short interval again in the circle of my honorable well wishers and readers.
Alan S Bailey Aug 2016
I'm sorry I have been writing poems that don't agree with society
This is just how I feel, sorry to offend thee. I know I shouldn't
Disobey daddy and mommy, I was a bad BAD doggy.
But you see this is the real me.
I'm not able to be something I'm not.*
And if that's terrible than I guess I should rot (in hell)

— The End —