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Owen 2d
I dont care who you are,
please speak ill
of the men and women
that walked through hell
that carried on as their family fell
that gave everything
to include their lives
so you might sleep in peace at night.
Go ahead,
speak ill,
so we may serve you,
so we may silence you.
If you served or are serving you know the frustration of knowing people who will never understand, who will hate you for what you do.
Owen 5d
And I'm freaking out
in this moment,
in an overpopulated space.
My heart begins to race
and I go to a dark
secluded place
in my head,
and it scares me
that I default
to desires of being dead.
Cue the flashbacks
and the dread.
It sticks around,
hangs over me,
till some kind of violence
hangs me.
Running is the only way I know how to cope that works now.
Owen 6d
And suddenly you see it
as you hit rock bottom,
as you break down
into the smallest, sharpest pieces,
and your existence screams
at an empty room
to be saved
to stay
to live.
No echoes in the dark.
You see the incredible life
that is waiting for you;
that was always waiting
for you
past the veil
of your despair
your vices
your masochistic
self centered
You choose to be greater
than your fear,
and freedom ensues.
The night in the hospital I chose life.
Owen Jun 11
Im the farthest thing
from perfect
but she makes me
want to be.
For her.
Owen Jun 9
Some people are in pieces,
thats just the way they are now.
And sometimes,
each of those pieces
holds the love of a lifetime.
It is beautiful,
unfair, and heartbreaking
at times,
when the pieces are not held
by just one person.
Owen Jun 7
I am seeking escape.
Pop me a pill,
hand me a knife,
pour me a drink,
maybe I'll be fine.
My mind
is a dangerous
and violent place.
I am scraping at the walls
to get out, looking for a bright red
exit sign,
my hands ****** and bruised.
Feeling so used.
Save me from the nothing
that is looming
waiting for me
to come home.
Owen Jun 7
And why should I stay,
in a world where
I will only be given love
when it's bought
with assets and income
or by my ability
to work, protect, and die
for the women and children,
and thus fulfill my purpose,
because I am a man.
Why should I stay
where my life in itself
has no value?
I'd rather leave.
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