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Owen Jul 4
Why do I drink?
Is there somthing wrong?
Obviously, its not why you'd think.
Im just living every sad song.
Every loneliness.
Every misjudgment.
Every heartbreak.
Every last moment.
Every fake friend.
Every false love.
Every attempt.
I just pretend,
till the day's done.
Its to fill the empty place in my chest.
To let my guard down,
so I can feel again.
So I can shed tears,
and get seratonin.
See, the bottle is my only true  
that sticks by my side when I've been
Owen Jul 2
When I decease,
if I ascend to heaven ,
what is the point?
If I return to this plane
as human or worm
what is the point?
If I simply cease
to perceive, to exist,
and become one
with all matter.
Why does life matter?
I know theres no true answers out there for me.
Owen Jun 30
These days,
I'm drowning
but I won't die.
I'm bleeding
from wounds I don't see.
I'm in pain
but I can't cry.
I'm screaming
but no one hears me.
Owen Jun 23
Dear Ms. Gardener,
I am head over heels,
face in the earth,
in love with you.
Your hands are caretakers,
life givers,
and I adore those dexterous digits
that brush and tamp soil.
Sewing love, joy, and passion
in my heart.
Trust and confidence
in my mind.
You're as wise as a willow
as sweet as magnolia blossoms.
In drought
I would shed blood and weep
to keep
our love from dying out.
I need you Ms. Gardener.
You are in my very nature,
holding the petals of my heart.
To my favorite person
Owen Jun 23
and preach
your moral superiority.
You're the oh so natural,
healthy minority.
you can keep them.
Stop pretending
to care,
when you really just want you
to live forever.
You're scared to die.
You're scared to live.
Get off your high horse
and roll in the dirt like the rest of us.
Your belief in afterlife is
just a way for you to set you above us.
You're obsessed with immortality,
but once you accept reality,
that we're a cycle of energy,
you're closer to being free of your fear.
Owen Jun 9
It's that time again,
between sunset and the dawn.
That time when I pace across
this city of goodbyes.
Songs of sadness
in my head.
Letting this weight on my shoulders
sink to the soles
of my feet
passing to earth
behind me,
so that once I return
I can pretend
till it's dusk again.
Every night, I let the hurt out while I walk, and I'm ready for tomorrow. I have to be.
Owen Jun 7
Tonight the clouds go on,
and on,
and on,
forever in a sky so navy blue.
Parallel lines
stretching beyond light's reach.
I desire
to fall up
into the dark spaces

My stars, the lights of earth.
“I used to think the worst thing in life was to end up all alone. It's not. The worst thing in life is ending up with people who make you feel all alone.” - Robin Williams
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