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Priti kumari Nov 2020
Memory which i have
Is unforgettable,
A whole day in your whirling
Memory is unexplainable.

Not having you here is
Tearing me deep inside,
Impossible to stop wondering
No  matter how hard I try.

Oh! my crazy heart
A lot of memory is left to describe,
My grief and my pain
That no words can describe.
Sometime it's so hard to express your feeling. And you are left alone fighting with yourself. And I feel the better way  to express is  in poem instead of confiding to anyone.
Mariana Oct 2020
Friends and family often ask me what suffering from bipolar is like
I always give the same cookie-cutter response.
It is comprised of really high highs
It also has really low lows and
If you are fortunate enough you have periods of baseline.
I  have never been able to explain that complexity in my head.
I was never been able to explain the pain and suffering that has been happening for over 8 years.

I was never able to explain that the lows are sometimes last months or years of hate and self-loathing.
I was never able to explain the thought never stops you can not eat, sleep, or breathe without feeling pain.
I was never able to explain that you feel like your drowning and
       you are using all your energy to stay afloat that it is easier to just give up some time and sink.
I was never able to explain that everything is spinning out of control that you cling on to anything you can.
I was never able to explain that the hurtful thing I caused to myself
       was out of survival to show to myself I could still control
               something, anything in a place that feels like you will never feel stable again.

I was never able to explain how the highs are not highs they are a
  monster dressed as an angle that seduces you to believe that things are better.
I was never able to explain how that demon pushes you past all your limits until you find yourself alone and drained.
I was never able to explain the addiction to the feeling of happiness that comes on occasions with the highs
I was never able to explain that after living in darkness for so long the high is all you can ask for even if you know it will hurt you.

If I had to explain to people now what it is like to suffer from bipolar disorder is like, I would say it is exhausting.
The thoughts never end.
They never stop no matter how depressed or manic you are.
You lie awake all night because you can not silence them.
You wake up before sunrise because your awoken by the racing of the thoughts.
Your brain never stops.
You are left on the floor immobilized unable to do anything but listen to your head feeding you lies.
You are left with a body that can no longer function.
You are left exhausted and that feeling never goes away.
If I had to describe bipolar disorder in one word it would be
Alliyah Humphrey Apr 2020
She brought the light
contrasting my dark.
With every stroke of her beauty,
imperfectly perfect
Not painted by accident
but created with purpose

At first sight
i found myself ; somewhat inlove ,
drawn to her true colours
She  was art
You're worthy of a love so soft, kind, bold , brave and beautiful ; like she WAS.
Annie Apr 2019
If the rain can pound down as I lay in my bed,
minuscule mishaps and **** in my head,

why can the rain then, not reach in my brain?
Pound at the worries,
wash away pain?

The rain comes to visit again and again;
whether a friend or a foe, I couldn’t explain.
Zeenat Kabir Jan 2019
That which
Sounds like footsteps on the stairs of my body
Knocks at the door of my heart
Brews potions in the *** of my soul

That which
Purloins my sleep
Wets my eyes
You saying would make die happy

That which
Twists my stomach in knots
Hitches my breaths shallow
Makes that beneath my ribs to stop at your sight

I could call it a wave
But it do more than flow in it
I could call it the sun
But I do more than blossom beneath it
I could call it a feeling
But I could not explain it

Dear one
Please you tell me it's name

©_HerOutspokenMind ||ThatWhichHasNoName
nishta Sep 2018
i'll tell you my woes
peel the corners of my skin
and though the whispers turn into silence,
i am whole.

i found the missing piece
heard the echo of your words
and though i know it is a little too late,
i am whole.

i fall apart
fragment by fragment
and you are finally here just as i close my eyes,
i am whole.
Hi! My attempt at explaining this feeling i can't really identify except for in maybe one word- 'saudade'.
Chiquita Aug 2018
voices sound the same
they did, until I met you
now I just seek yours
Sabila Siddiqui Feb 2018
I am not okay
And sometimes that’s all I can get myself to say.
For I don’t know how to explain
There is no pain
But there is an ache.
There are no thoughts
But there is chaos.
There is an urge to cry
But no tears to shed.
There is nothing
But there is something
Unexplainable and numb
Light and heavy
Suppressing and dark
There is something unknown
which is making me feel
Queasy and at unease
And that’s all I can say.
Nadia Aug 2017
Some people live their life suspicious of everyone around them
Of being attacked with no reason
That's paranoia
However some people
They feel at home in the middle of an unknown crowed
Think the best of every stranger
But as soon as a friend missed a call
Or replies to a text too late
Or looks the other way
That unexplainable feeling
Couldn't possibly be paranoia
J Rodriguez Mar 2017
Theirs always that person who you won't forget about no matter what you go through in life you just seem to always get flashback of the moments you had with that one special person but nobody could ever replace that one special person wish I had a magic wond to clear out my mind but no matter what that special person seem to come up my mind ...
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