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Jan 9
I’ve had some springs, I’ve had some summers, I’ve jumped ahead to fall and winter.
But there’s something special about that autumn breeze, that sweeps across my wondering face.
I want to blow in the breeze, feel the wind upon my brow, sway with the branches as they lose their leaves.
I want to be one of those souls that live in autumn leaves, to blow in the breeze and carry me home.
I want to cascade across the sky with my newfound angel wings flapping by. I want the wind to blow in my honor and welcome me, into my heavenly home.
Without a single thought; I’ve seen many a day, many a night, weeks, months and years, pass me by. Now, the elements of the earth are calling me home, I have no choice I have to respond.
I like the sound I am hearing in my ear, the voice of my King calling out me, don’t think of me as being forever gone from your presence, think of me as being forever present with the King.
Like the early mourning rain, you are feeling, be easy with yourself, and stay strong for others.
With the autumnal equinox I’ve fallen asleep with the leaves, in my new spring of life, I will wake up to the beautiful site of Jesus Christ.

Dedicated to the memory my mother
I wrote this poem before my mom passed away. I’m very intuitive and Spirit told me a year before she passed away that it would happen. She passed away on November 21, 2020.
Written by
Nikkie  47/F
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