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Vexren4000 May 2018
Rolling dice,
Tossing coins,
Probability sometimes our friend,
Other days lady luck is vengeful.
Numerals rolled,
Amounts on a die.
Faces of the coins.
Or roulette wheels,
Random chance?
Or controlled chance?
Man knows but does not,
That is the beauty of,

Tiana Marie Mar 2018
She was the type of a girl
that all boys fell for.
She had a deceptive charm
that made the hearts soar.
Something about her made
everyone look twice.
How could someone be so perfect?
"Well," she said, "it's all in the roll of the dice."
Hidden Glace Jan 2018
How many emotions do we have?
cause I seem to have 5.

I love you
I hate you
I hate myself
I want to end it all
I need you

I can't decide which is me
so maybe you should just take a gamble for me<?
But gambling on 5 sided dice isn't something I recommend for you darling, because there's a 3/5 chance that I'll hurt you and I don't like those odds
Nylee Nov 2017
Life ladder is too high,
   snakes rule every step,
      luck dice not on my side
            and I am falling down.
Nonsense Poet Oct 2017
Opposite is arriving
What I´ll write
When a metaphorical internal
monologue intensify

What wild metaphor
witty life could be
If there was nothing to hide
Inside you and me

Useless efforts
Look at inside
Find words
About what write

Who knows
What I´ll find
Haunted game
Roll the dice
Mark Parker Jul 2017
Up flew the moonlight tide
flying like a stairway to the clouds.
The light blue stars twinkled
showing the impressionistic side
of the art that is supposed to be
the playing of dice by the four forces.
The beauty of it all seems suspicious.
Never mind it all, lets swim to the clouds.
Woohoo....I wish I was at the beach.
Star BG May 2017
Dice-like words toss around mind,
until ready for the written poem to emerge.
To tickle eyes that gracefully move.
To open heart for time to stop.
To heal pains and know ones not alone.
To retrieve memories with a smile
as melodies linger.

Hooray for playing the game of life with dice fully loaded.
Hooray for life that unfolds divinely.

StarBG © 2017
I'm grateful for my life with all its experiences. May you roll your own dice and move in the energies of a winner.
thegirlwhowrites Feb 2017
the turning felt much
like dice a'rolling. these hearts,
the proof of needing

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