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Axel Sep 16
I wiped my stained tears
and told myself
that maybe it's just a one time
but then again when I'm an angel they want to be the devil, but when I'm controlling, I'm the evil.

What's the point anymore of staying?
And what's the reason if there is none
if everybody's taking you for granted
while my voice stays flattened?

Falling to my bed,
losing all my words
and my metaphors ran with fears
to somewhere far away
where wishes exist and prayers stream like a waterfall everyday.
Axel Sep 16
I called you in the middle of the night,
heard you singing my lovely lullaby.
I'm roaming freely in your mind
24 hour, every time.
still can't move on huh? couldn't be me
Axel Aug 29
Water tastes like whiskey
as it slides down to my lungs
and create a disease.
Sedating my emotions
but then somebody else controls me.
  Aug 5 Axel
She looks at the moon
Everynight and raises her hopes up
That her heart still believes that
Part of her happiness is still happy in there
I understand it's quite nonsensical but it was the phrases which made me quest down for a paper and pen with my sis ^_^

Hope you are happy somewhere!!was her last thought of the night
Axel Aug 5
I can hear the moon is crying and the stars, they all are sobbing rain tonight; I can hear the sun is sighing in Cali with the clouds and was hugged by the sky with lightning getting angry every minute.

Why was I too blind?
Why was I too kind for someone that relies on me with nothing to be given? Never realized.
Why was I singing to the moon like a lullaby I try to sleep the thoughts of me loving you endlessly, ever so it was a beautiful flight.
Axel Jul 28
Never been born to feel loved by someone and by someone not meaning my roots but a bee who'll go to the chosen flowers if it thinks that they're pretty enough to be touched, to be discovered by researches, to be plucked by humans, to be sell at the florist, to be the one who will heal upon a curse.

Maybe it's true that love doesn't exist.
I guess romance had run out of it's capacity for billions in this world as I remember that candles too has its finishing line as it run in its lane before it all goes blackout once again.
Axel Jul 22
I'm not embarrassed to say that every time my eyes met yours my heart beats faster.

It's like I'm a drummer addicted to his music that he creates every summer so that he could listen to the rhythm that's rushing in his adrenaline every time his drum vibrates and creates a sound that we call music.

But I call it love.
it's like you're the sound I'm searching
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