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No one is impenetrable
To act as such is foolish
Best to acquaint yourself with silence
Learn to sit with your weakness
Stew in it and even appreciate it
By acknowledging the waves
You can survive the tidal wave
Maybe even learn to surf
K Balachandran Apr 2016
Human brain, intellect, knowledge, wisdom, logic etc has limits.
Transcendence is a  channel available to experience the incognizable.
Beth Richter Dec 2014
And in the midst of my impenetrable winter,
I found within you my eternal spring.
Beth Richter Dec 2014
And sometimes, sometimes the lack of tears is what's most frightening.

An impenetrable numbness that surrounds me.
Has molded around my being.
A hard shell that even a chisel cannot chip.

I am a stone. Cold, so cold.

When did I lose my heart?
When did I lose the ability to care and trust and feel?

Oh, to feel again.
The salty wet tears on hot rosy cheeks.
The rush of crisp fresh air filling my lungs, lifting me, enticing my smooth bare feet to take courageous steps on soft beds of grassy fields.

Where did that girl go? Carefree and whimsical. The girl who welcomed emotional instability. The ups and downs and all arounds are gone.

She has gone and I am here.
I am what's left.
I am the surviving soul.

My black, wretched soul.

— The End —