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Maha Jun 1
Maybe someday
I won't be afraid
To admit how fast
And how much
I had fallen
Maybe someday
You'll squeeze my hand
And tell me
It was the exact same
So that's one more song
That we can sing together
To Them.
Maha Jun 1
My soda went flat in its bottle
It tasted like the air, sticky and thick
The heat from the lighter only added to the warmth of the night
A chorus of cars driving past
Joined by the cacophony of a too full balcony
Muffled shouts from the interior
Garlic wafting up through the windows
aimlessly scrolling
This times like these
I'm reminded what home is
I found my family.
Maha May 18
My name sounds so pretty on your lips
I'm begging you
We have all the time in the world
So I don't think you'd mind
If I stole one more
Just for the road
Just to get me home
Just so you know
That I need you to catch me
To Them.
Maha May 10
I never knew how to say it.
My lips couldn't form the words.
But you taught me how.
I know you learned too.
Time and time again I've seen things end.
But honestly, you're my best friend.
And if this is only for a little bit,
Then let's stop and look at the birds.
There's only one thing to say now,
I love you.
To Her.
Dedicated to the sheer amount of platonic love I feel for my best friend.
Good luck on ur finals ***, I'm so proud of u, we can def go get Korean food to celebrate this over!
Maha May 9
I wish you would understand.
My time is different than yours.
I'm sorry yours was predetermined to be wasted.
But I want to write this story myself.
I wish to be autonomous.
And I want to breathe.
You're a restrictive corset
Holding me by my baggy clothes
Cursing me so hard I began to believe
That I was a cursed entity, bound to roam the land with the exact same fate as you.
Married off to a stranger who glued three children to my hips without so much as kissing me in the mornings when he'd get home from the night shift.
We look the same
But I'm sorry
We will never be the same.
Not everyone has good family. Be kind to people around mother's day.
Maha May 3
I felt a thousand lifetimes
In your air
I feel strange
This is a beginning
And not to be afraid of
To them
Maha May 3
Surely you heard
The stream babbling about us
The trees whispering amongst the wind
And the leaves crunching under our careful steps
The squirrels and turtles
Veering everyone away from us
I'll be sure to play this cassette back
To them
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