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Vivi 5d
It's been a while
Since I came here
It's been a while
Since I thought about you

If flowers are supposed to bloom
Why have I always been dead
If love is supposed to last forever
Why am I all alone
Vivi Jul 2
I remember the night
You became my best friend
The night I always want to remember

Fighting my tears
Drowning by the pain
But you held my hand all along

Told me you're here
Told me that I'm the most important
And nothing could make that change

Thank you for all of it
Because you're the one who
Gave me a reason to go forward

Thank you for
Being who you are
And always being there

Thank you, Me
For fighting by my side
Despite how much I've hurt you
Love yourself first
Vivi Jun 18
f    o    t    n
    l    a    i    g

a hole in my soul
craving a piece
on this earth
longing to my own hell

keeping me from bleeding
there's more love than blood
it drowns all
everything i touch

holding me
it's only us
i breathe you in
and i sink

not sealing
it's expanding
i'm drowning
so softly

ready to leave
finally understood
i see the deep
nothing left to hold me here

falling apart
turning to ashes
i'll hold you in
until it's over
Vivi Jun 13
"I think I'll miss you forever
Like the stars miss the sun in the morning sky"

I'm not in pain, nor in grief
It's something else

It's the first ray of sunshine

It's the pink in the sky at dawn

It's a baby's smile on the street

It's the plane at night I see as a shooting star

And I make my wish
But it never lingers

Neither do you
love hurt pain longing miss wish star forever you sky
Vivi Jun 11
You told me you admire how confident I was about who I am
And you wished you could be so strong

Little did you know that inside
I'm just a little girl with tears in her eyes
Begging you not to leave me alone

Hiding behind a sarcastic smile
Vivi Jun 11
I'm watching his back
It's really warm in here
A drop of sweat slowly forms and slides down the middle
In the line of his spine
Touching every bit of skin it can on it's way

People are beautiful

I want to be that drop of sweat
Being able to form and vanish within him
And maybe I want someone to see my back
In the warm room
And think that people are beautiful
Vivi Jun 7
I remember from years ago
We were quiet
In the dark
How I only heard my heart

I think you were looking at me

I remember last month
Sitting next to you
Listening to the music
But still hearing my heart

I know you were looking at me
In the dark

You were looking at my soul
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