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Ammar Sep 15
many men gave up their lives
for humanity
some men gave up their humanity
to save lives
Ammar Sep 13
sometimes I get wrapped up
within a temporal reverie;
where everything lost
was still within grasp
Ammar Sep 9
of your
the death
of your
Been awhile eh?
Ammar Jul 12
we live in an age where
emotions are seen as facts
facts are seen as offensive
Ammar Jun 11
Soft words
the loudest
Ammar May 29
When the last page turns
Will I go down like Leonidas
or Stede Bonnet?

Will I make my stand in thermopylae
or the gallows?
Ammar May 27
how we used to
sit by the pool
with eyes locked
and souls intertwined

how we used to
chase sunsets
talk through twilight
rave till dawn

I wonder
if you still do.
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