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isabella Jul 21
I am a hero beyond imagine,
Soft velvet red cloak, the medallion resting in my throat,
My heartbeat stomps through my ribcage,
I am here to rescue the princess.

I trudge through the forest and I remember,
I remember who I was before when I came here,
Cape swishing at my ankles, feet in gilded armor,
I grip the glittering blade between my hands.

White marble penetrates the darkness,
I march up to the mossy stone wall, the crooked, tarnished sign,
“No trespassing,” it says, and suddenly
I am standing at a fence, copper, russet, faded gold.
Barbed wire tangles like Christmas lights, family dinners,
I remember and my heart aches.

I see the shrine, the elegant masterpiece
of quartz and precious stones,
I remember the way she used to stand at the bottom,
Defiant and angry, she threw rocks and never shattered,
It’s only a pile of pebbles, grass, dirt, in my eyes
But to her, it was the world and more.

I have to remember I am not her anymore,
What was her world is no longer mine.
I see a possibility, an opportunity, a path,
I take one last glance and I know it is the only way.

I am Prince Charming like no other,
I slice my way through the bushes,
I am arrogant, I am of diamonds and steel.

The green crisscrosses like a net,
I realize someone must have put up a new fence,
I see paint cans, old bottles, moldy shoes.

I see the life that once was my existence,
And I turn around and climb over that wall.
Softly touching down on the carpet of twigs and needles.

The trees wave in the dizzy sky,
The dragon’s snarling mouth is the last image I see,
Burned into my brain with a fiery blast,
Suddenly I am thrown backward.

I stand in front of the tree,
There is something tied in its branches.
I lift my sword and bring it down,
It is just a slender branch.

I place a boulder the size of my heart, my fist,
I flee because I am a coward
I may be a prince but I live only with jewels,
Not the stench of blood and panic amidst battle.

I am here to rescue the princess,
But I can’t even rescue myself
From the past that seduces me.
Am I a hero beyond imagine?
Nicole Mar 30
ive always loved reading
especially when its about prince charming saving damsel in distress
especially when its about how a kiss can turn a frog into a prince

id look in every pair of eyes id meet
in hopes one of them would sweep me off my feet
im convinced that my love story would be a fairytale land
im convinced that happy ever after exist

when my prince finally came
i did not even recognize him at first glance
i wasn't convinced he's the one who'll make it all come true

but this prince
made me realize that ideals exists in books
this prince
didn't sweep me off my feet but made his way into my heart

there was never a happy ever after for us
because my prince now only exists in my memory
its a wonderful thing to be in love
and then again
im glad to have a fairyrale with you
Amanda Feb 11
I am the dreamer still naive enough to believe in "happy-ever-after"

Known for many years that happy endings are unlikely and that even the best relationships/friendships  come to an end eventually
I am wise enough to realize the difficulty of finding Prince Charming in today's cruel society

Instead of  fairytale romance I grew up with we face a world strewn with sexting, online dating, and a myriad of other technology-polluted dating norms

**** pics are plentiful and chivalry scarce

Hungering for lustful acts of pleasure while I simply thirst for meaningful connection

Gaining not one while those around me ravage conquest after ****** conquest

Rather live a stoic empty life than one full of temporary careless moments forgotten before they are even completed

So I wait to meet my knight
In the barren fields of a loveless plane

Carrying antique values like heavy sandbags
A challenge to bear
But providing necessary balance
You may say I'm a dreamer but I'm not the only one
-John Lennon
Lexi Snow Jul 2019
I always wondered what love was
You know, there are examples all around us
Showing us what love is
I used to think it was all about finding my Prince Charming
But as the years went by
I realized that Prince Charming only exists in fairy tales
Then I followed how my family became the way it is
My mom married her best friend
My dad married his best friend
So I thought maybe I need to marry my best friend
That was my worst decision yet
I should of just waited for Prince Charming
At least he would of made me feel special
Falling in love with a best friend
Is the hardest thing to get into and get out of
I lost great memories,
Inside jokes,
Favorite songs
But the question still stands
What is love?
Love is the little things someone does for you
Reminding you to stay strong on your toughest days
Love is making sure that you don’t go to bed in tears
Trying to be your light on your darkest days
For all that to happen
You have to do the same for love to stay around
Long enough to even think about staying with you forever
But you never know,
Love might not be ready for marriage
Or love just doesn’t like the idea of marriage
Having love in your life
Is both a blessing and a curse
Since you will never know if love will leave you
But you’ll have great memories with love,
Little inside jokes that make you both laugh,
Songs that made you both dance together
That’s one thing everyone expects from love
To be romantic,
Not everyone can be romantic
But once they try
It’ll be worth all the times they weren’t romantic
Everything love does for us
It’s strange
But now love has no limits
Anyone can love anyone they want
No matter what gender you are,
What your sexuality is,
Your nationality,
Or any of that,
Till then I will continue asking
What is love?
My mind is a castle
Caught up within clouds
Dreaming of fairytales and knights
Or a prince with a crown
Thinking true love is the answer;
My first kiss will break the spell
Making wishes on all the pennies
I’ve thrown into wells

I am a princess in a tower
I’ve been waiting for the day
When the walls around me crumble
Will a hero come my way?
But my castle in the clouds
Isn’t real, it’s make-believe
This hero doesn’t exist
It is my heart’s own cold reprieve.

So I will climb down from my tower
With my own bare hands and feet
And I will wrestle every dragon
Until I set myself free
I will bleed and I’ll break a few of my bones
And in the leaves of the trees I’ll make a new home
With the birds and the sky, the grass and the earth
Because I don’t need a man to make me feel my own worth.
Lily Mar 2018
I am Rapunzel,
Up in her tower,
Alienated from the rest
Of the world,
Separated by an invisible line
That I can't cross.
Between the window and the ground,
There lies a barrier,
That even the most charming
Prince can't bridge.
The effort to join the rest
Of the world is too much,
My hair is too short to
Reach the ground, to reach reality.
But aren't I in a
Fantasy world to
Begin with?
Triale Soran Dec 2017
I waited for Prince Charming to
Rescue me from this Tower
"Come Save Me!"
I would Think

He never came

I grew up.
I had to.
"Forget Prince Charming!"
"I'm getting down myself!"
Took a sword to the dragon
Facing my own problems alone

Some were scary,
But I have to do it.
Prince Charming isn't going to rescue me.
not every time.

I'm strong now.
All because I done it myself
I can't let some stranger
always take away my problems.
You have to do that yourself.

It's been ten years now.

Dear Prince Charming,
You never came.
Don't start now.
I grew up fine without you.
Never wait for someone to come whisk you away from your problems. Go down there yourself and conquer them yourself. Be strong. You can do it.
Hailyn Suarez May 2017
How come you left my mom?
Was she too sweet,
like the sugar she saturated your coffee in,
Or was she too kind,
letting you buy every
little boy play station game?
She warmed you like the sun,
penetrating your skin,
tanning your insides.
Was she too bright, beautiful,
How come when I see you, I still smile?
As my family curses your name, I smile.
When they tell me “He’s not a good father” , I defend.
their nostrils flare, but I

How come I forgave you so **** easy?
Maybe, so I can forgive myself,
for not being daddy’s little girl.
Not being able to gently step on your feet,
dance around the house.
For not being my sister, who has a father,
Enveloping her in wave after wave
of calm ocean love.

How come you haunt my dreams?
Voice calm, forgiving,
whispering: “I love you.”
“I’m so proud of you.”
“I miss you.”
soft whispers of broken promises echo

How come you stayed for him?
Was it because you knew
you could play baseball with him?
Or was it because when he turned 15,
you could teach him
how to pick up girls like dandelions?

How come boys break promises?
Not just boys, men.
Men like you,
Who tell 10-year old’s that
their present is on the way:
“It’s in transit.”
“It’s in the mail.”
“I just shipped it.”
“It should be there.”
“Happy Birthday Honey.”

How come I look for guys like you?
They say I’m “asking for it.”
Wanting to ****** up every simple, soft
smiling, cold
hearted, Uncomitting,
immature boy.
Maybe they’ll keep me
‘til you return.
You were my first definition
of a prince,
How charming.

How come I don’t trust anyone,
even that nice boy swaying silently to the song
that I adore, or that one who helps me
through dreadful chemistry lectures?

How come you text “I love you”?
When I’m alone, crying
over the latest breakup,
Submerging myself in heart wrenching
love songs,
Drowning in the comforting
lyrics. The soft ping of a text,
imitating conversation.
Your name
A heart emoji
I love you.

Your texts have become another promise.
I have begun to count down the days
until those words are murmurs
And three words become

How come, I still say “I love you too”?
How come you walked away before I could even walk?
How come my last name still follows me around like a brand?
How come you moved so ******* far away?
How come I believed you year after year,

Where are my presents,
Wrapped quickly in promises,
stamped “return to sender”
This would be a spoken poem
Sophia Chang Jul 2016
“When I was a little girl I used to read fairy tales. In fairy tales you meet Prince Charming and he’s everything you ever wanted. In fairy tales the bad guy is very easy to spot. The bad guy is always wearing a black cape so you always know who he is. Then you grow up and you realize that Prince Charming is not as easy to find as you thought. You realize the bad guy is not wearing a black cape and he’s not easy to spot; he’s really funny, and he makes you laugh, and he has perfect hair.”

-Taylor Swift
Really loving this quote by the queen of love songs herself.
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