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Svetoslav Feb 22
crunchy leaves float
meadows dancing rain
wrapping sun in gray
by Svetli
love is like an ice cream
melting the strawberry feeling
in crunchy cone
it just tasted at once
but I'm addicted of it
Phoenix Jan 2016
I have so much self hate*
But  *I am so vulnerable
I just  When I cry  I just
Can't  But I cry too much  Can't
Seem  So I think  Seem
To  That I may just  To
Evict  Give up  Evict
It all  One day  It all
**Maybe it will consume all of me.
So, Read one side of bold for poem "1" And then read the italics for poem "2"
Write a poem that has a crunchy outside and a soft center.
(from Joe)   Hmmm...Does this have to do with subject matter? with sound? with shape? with something only you would think of?
Aria of Midnight Nov 2014
white fluff
but crunchy
plain taste that
is somehow

— The End —