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Anastasia Jun 6
his cheeks were rose petals
soft and pink

his eyes were the sky
velvety blue

his smile was a disease
contagious and heart-stopping

his laugh was song
i want to hear over and over again

his touch was fire
warm and colorful

his lips were candy
sweet and soft
c.b. ♥
Elsa May 17
I keep my eyes fixated on the gold, red,yellow, and purple sunset that sat before me. I watched as the sun waves goodbye, and the moon slowly makes its nightly appearance.
Bhill May 17
Mother Nature decided to visit us last evening
She was dressed in her coolest summer coat
She came in walking her pet wind storm
Accompanied by her loudest, thunderous, dark clouds
What was she thinking, disturbing our tranquil, spring afternoon
With her banging around the evening skies
Allowing her pet wind to bet carried away
Leaving behind the largest drops of rain she could muster
I'm glad she decided not to hang around very long
She did, however, leave us her cool coat
And, and her colorful shawl
It's cold this morning....

I love living in the desert....!

Brian Hil - 2019#122
Inspired by lasts night visit from Mother Nature
She can to visit last night.
What a wonderful time.
A cloud of gray mud over me.
My thoughts like birds were flying.
I sit alone upon my drawn umbrella.
Reactive rain was covering my head.

Drops of the rain like heavy rocks.
Identically burden of my thoughts.
It’s Fall with crash against my mind.
Upon my delicate and little coat.

I sit alone beneath my colorful umbrella.
Jenna Mar 6
Everyone wears white shoes
What's wrong with black?
With black, nothing stains
Strong in color, fierce in stride

While white is too easily
Stained by whatever touches it
Treading, becoming ***** who
swore they were pure to heart

Some people do care
to step into the dark
puddle, the puddle that
ripples in concealed rage
pk tunuri Nov 2018
Life is colourful all the time
It is up to us to pick the right colours at the right time
Latifah Nov 2018
so colorful
so darkful
everywhere I go
no one can help me
but myself.
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