Richard Grahn Sep 2017

You have soulful eyes
Wondering dreams dancing there
I see them and dare
To get lost in your vision
Your beautiful stare

Our love waltzes the moonlight
Your music flows free
We’re so wrapped up in magic
It’s hard to believe
In the song that we're singing

The stars are aware
Of the dreams we are making
The dreams we believe
They're revealing the sunshine

Leaving the darkness
As we walk through the garden
We're skipping through time
As another dream rises
On the horizon of your eyes

Richard Grahn Sep 2017

Friday night again...
The fountain pen drips and plays.
Staining the pages,
Rearranging the phrases,
It’s lost in the fray,

Contemplating the ages
A mystery steals the day.

Richard Grahn Aug 2017

Starlight is fading
As you surrender your dreams
To warm sun rising
O’er the landscape you're flying

Locked deep in your mind
In the breadth of each moment
Time drifts slowly by...

Here in the sunlight…streaming
Memories are fleeting
But the world is breathing

Your vibrant rainbow
Tosses many reflections
Gleaming in sunlight
Your deep vision remembers

As heaven descends
In the still of the morning
Dancing with daylight
The whole world is unfolding
A melody is growing

Richard Grahn Aug 2017

Yearning for sunlight
In this warm summer daydream
My stem reaches out

From the moist earth around me
Into the sunshine
I reach out for the heavens
Just learning to sprout

In the breath of the morning
Down by the river
With the crisp air around me
I  bask in the glow

In the still of the daylight
Warmed by its bright rays
Mesmerized by the dewdrops
I can now cast my shadow

Started this poem about a week ago.  Then my body decided to have a stroke. Spent four days in the hospital and then came back and finished the poem. A brush with mortality can surely sharpen the senses. All is well though.
Diána Bósa Jul 2017

You find me within
the interim for I will
be recognized as

the final. Though the
distance is my shelter, I
am near at hand;

on my way just to
get in yours. Reflect me; see
what is hiding your beneath.

Diána Bósa Jul 2017

Your memory is
like an expired polaroid
film - I still keep it

as though it would be
the most precious treasure of
mine, yet I am

aware of the truth:
till I walk this earth I will
never take a look at it.

Richard Grahn May 2017

I’m one tiny seed
For a little while longer.
My hope is to grow
And present you a flower.

I don’t need much care
But I need to be watered.
Illuminate me;
Let me bask in the sunshine.
Rejuvenate me;
Let me waltz in the moonlight.

I’m one happy seed.
Contemplate me completely.
Just plant me and watch
As I grow in your garden,
As I greet you each morning.

This is my first shot at Choka. Had to sleep on the last line. The 5/7/5/7…pattern has a distinctive rhythm that is tough to break out of at the end.
Ashley Somebody May 2017

In those Summer days
When the green grass scratched my legs,
The mud cooled my toes
And I ran through the cold stream,
Pulling off green leaves
From the bushes by the house
And twigs from young trees.

Somehow the fall came—
I liked to call it Autumn—
And I walked slowly,
Picking up acorns and nuts
Before squirrels came
And quickly hid them away.
As morning frosts came,
I began to feel the chill.
Somehow the world changed,
As an apple will grow ripe,
And the world changed me.

In Winter's strong grasp I woke.
I looked around me
And in every grey shadow,
I saw a regret,
A what-if of circumstance:
A sharp memory,
Hanging like an icicle
Just waiting to fall.
Summer would sweetly call me,
And Autumn smiled,
But Winter's embrace choked me.
I would leave the world,
Fly back to the land of dreams,
If I knew a way.
I would cry to the grey sky,
Ask all the questions,
If I thought it would answer.
And so I slept deep,
Knowing nothing could be done
Unless the world changed,
Giving me fresh hope inside;
But it never would.

Spring has crept up to my door
It has knocked loudly
And shaken me from slumber.
Its face is grinning,
Smiling so wide, and laughing.
I've opened my door,
Not fearing a winter wind
For the first time now.
Spring calls me from my bedroom,
Asking me to play
And hang up my coat of doubt
By the scarf of shame
And the hat of my worries.
Spring pulls on my arm,
And even though it hurts now,
Somehow growing pains
Are better than the bedsores.
So take the shoes off my feet
And teach me to run again.

Choka 5-7-5-7-5-7-5...77
Diána Bósa May 2017

With you, I gladly
dance the sleepwalkers' waltz, yet
still, while on my way

to descend, picking
up the thread by following
Ariadne's line,

like vigilant ones,
I would rather desire to
be on the watch by your side.

Diána Bósa May 2017

So, I just sit here,
waiting for you to defeat
the oblivion

and again, at last,
remember where you left me  
like a forgotten

toy from your childhood,
and like every toy I too
need magic to come

alive again; that
kind of magic from the sweet
little human of

mine, the one who, at
once, placed an incandescent
piece from his soul into me.

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