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Black Jewelz Mar 2020
Die from mortal wounds
Or die from starvation

Die the death of debt

Which doctor
Is not a witch doctor?
Surgery on your security
Held at knifepoint,
Savor the scalpel of rich robbers

The nurse
Is a curse
To your purse

Drown in blood
Or drown in bills

The Hypocritical Oath prevails

Dread the eruption of poor patience.
Black Jewelz Feb 2020
I want to die.
No longer will I say
Life is beautiful.

Reality is harsh.
It doesn’t matter that
I try and try,

The sun shines bright


The sun goes dim,

And everything changes.

One last hope;

A hope found


A hope lost

That’s all it takes.

One thing,
In my life,
Made the difference,

A change of perspective


“This is the wrong choice”

He said—

Second thoughts crept into his head,

As he remembered a quote of hope.

Which he discarded swiftly

While he wrote the note,

He made up his mind


His pen danced ghastlily...

...write this on his grave—

“Here lies a casualty of the digital age”
Reads forward and backward, line by line
Black Jewelz Aug 2019
Do you believe in Cupid’s quiver?

If so, prepare you heart to shiver

From the bitter bite of constant winter

Within this world of go-getter and lone giver.

There is no “one”...

Only no one.

I hate to crush your embellished dreams

But reality is not painted with such beautiful streams.

The story of life comprises eschewed reams.

All you feel is not what it seems...

The shimmer of rings,

The angel chorus sings,

Love songs on wings...

Life is not made of such beautiful things.

No ma’am,

There is no magic man.

There is no Dapper Dan.

Beware the perfect man,

Beware the perfect dame,

Who can decimate a heart

With a softly-spoken claim.

You may find a beauty

You might find a beast

But you can’t create love

With a bountiful feast.

Neither a bed of caressing

Nor a bouquet of charm

Could protect your spirit

From devastating harm.

I’m sorry to shatter your glass castle from where you search

And wait for love from a pinnacled perch...

But no sir,

There is no magic woman.

There is no Wonder Woman.

Beware the golden lady,

Beware the golden man,

Who can siphon a soul

By holding a hand.
Black Jewelz Aug 2019
I wish to fly free, as the birds do.

There’s a trade-off they say;

The birds know not love.

Neither do I.

Yet I am not free.
Black Jewelz Apr 2019
There once roamed a beggar
With a stark, unsettling gaze

Jutting from bloodshot eyes;
The veins resembled a maze.

His words poignant and potent,
Yet the vain were never amazed.

Though he was eager, his voice was meager.

His courage corroded from attrition and malnutrition.

For years he pleaded with the gaudy passersby

Each one despised him,
And fled before he could even ask them why.

With desperate agony
He tugged on their garments,

Their constant reply:
“Unhand me you varmint!”

Others wouldn’t even lend a word,
Only the breeze from their stride.

Trying to be seen was no different
Than trying to hide.

He stumbled through the crowds day after day.

Wasting away.

Constantly reaching for an embrace,
But he seemed to have the physical hand

Of an invisible man.

Day after day he wasted

Entreating for sustenance.
His corporeal substance emaciated.

A ***.



Shunned by a society gone numb.

Even though he never asked for a cent,
Or morsel, or crumb.

No, the only nourishment he ever sought

Was a ration of affinity.

A genuine bond
For a fraction of infinity.

Even a heartfelt conversation
Would fill his gaunt flesh.

Instead he was given a gauntlet to endure,
And die a myth like the legend of Loch Ness.

For years he shed tear after tear,
Till he no longer could.

But his heart still broke;
Torn, collapsing from tear after tear

Till he no longer stood.

Simmering in resignation,
He withered into a slumped lump,

A begrimed bump.

Bowing to the crowds passing in a blur.

He was an infectious disease without a cure.

He fused into the graffiti on the wall.

Till one day he disappeared, knowing it made no difference at all.

Still taunted and haunted by memories of sight and sound,

Now he wanes and decays in a cave...

Where I write this now.
Black Jewelz Dec 2018
Black Jewelz Nov 2018
Rule #1 of life:

No one cares.

Rule #2 of life:

There’s nothing you can do to make anyone care.
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