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Excerpts from “Travels with Einstein”
by Michael R. Burch

for Trump

I went to Berlin to learn wisdom
from Adolph. The wild spittle flew
as he screamed at me, with great conviction:
“Please despise me! I look like a Jew!”

So I flew off to ’Nam to learn wisdom
from tall Yankees who cursed “yellow” foes.
“If we lose this small square,” they informed me,
earth’s nations will fall, dominoes!”

I then sat at Christ’s feet to learn wisdom,
but his Book, from its genesis to close,
said: “Men can enslave their own brothers!”
(I soon noticed he lacked any clothes.)

So I traveled to bright Tel Aviv
where great scholars with lofty IQs
informed me that (since I’m an Arab)
I’m unfit to lick dirt from their shoes.

At last, done with learning, I stumbled
to a well where the waters seemed sweet:
the mirage of American “justice.”
There I wept a real sea, in defeat.

Originally published by Café Dissensus

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We Will Meet Again (for Berlin, East and West)
They loved each other very much.
That was evident when they were parted.
Tears of grief when they were forced apart.
An act of devastation never to be forgotten.
Made by ungodly people with the power of God.
Those in charge didn't see the young couple.
Didn't witness their tears, hear their shouts.
Felt no emotion when they issued the order.
To build a wall to cut a city in half.
Separating families and loved ones.
A nation and city torn in two.
People trying to flee as the last brick was placed.
Escaping any way they could.
Risking their lives to dream a future.
Braving razor wire, guards with dogs and the guns.
Being mercilessly gunned down when seen.
And still they fled their prison city and country.
Doing anything to get across The Wall.
Hoping for a better future in The West.
Not being split in two like the couple.
She in The East, he in The West.
Prisoners of The Cold War for simply being German.
Caught in a game of nuclear chess.
Superpower madness where hope and love disintegrate.
Decades of mistrust and hate poisoning our world.
A generation with paranoid peace.
Trustful tyranny illuminating the way.
For decades some held onto their dream.
Then one cold Berlin day it happened.
The Wall fell down and hope blossomed.
Some couples were finally together.
Middle aged, no longer teenagers.
Hard and bitter, not joyous and free.
But together at last after so many years.
Reunited city and nation.
A world no longer severed in two.
Tears dry and history remembers.
Stories are told proving love will endure.
Dominions of Corrosion
Jimmy Boom Semtex
Tizzop Nov 2019
do me a favor aight
when you go switch off the lights

close the door behind

pay attention to the lock it
makes a sound pay attention

do me this favor
you gotta do it cause

shadows everywhere
voices everywhere
enemies everywhere

ain't no fun though as
gang colors in the nineties

tag watts
tag berlin
tag harlem

shadows everywhere
voices everywhere
enemies everywhere

for twentyseven years
do me a favor aight?

i've been looking for a brother
i've  been looking for a mother

nobody knows about it
they don't know and they
don't have to

when they interrogate you
about last night
when they ask tell em:

i was asleep at night
as civilians do

no talk about turf
no talk about extortion
no talk about capital crimes

private matters
wat matter is you
lock the door baby
YouTube: "the wire omar comin!"
Tizzop Nov 2019
take me away from this journey
i am trapped in the land of placelessness

blind / hypnotized
route 36 / bolivia
deaf / treated with ultrasound

scarcely knowing
what all that means

i am feeling the rising of blood
a wave of heat like sandstorms

inevitability: willful / knowing / aware

i am putting myself at risk of dying
long ago i read about the risks and consequences
of my ******* abuse
pervaded them intellectually while

my heart remains deafly because
of *******
aflutter and in panic

there is just:

one life
one heart
one body one man

man what are you doing?!?!
i am hollering into my inner
embracing the envelope
obsessed over bitterness
numb love
in the dungeon of plotted heavens
lofty as never before
is where i am running away from:
every day

in the 1920s there was a man
who they called "koks-emil"
he sold ******* in the nightstreets of berlin

the national archive has been keeping
a picture of him doing business with
two girls out of gangland we
can't see the face of the one standing left only  
her back

however her companion typifies precisely
what the drug creates in our souls:
a form that can not be imitated
like the effect of the drug

a form of longing and greed in the
girl's face

longing and greed
balancing each other
not one of
these states predominates

while beholding the girl i am becoming
horridly conscious
about myself
horridly about

my relationship with *******
my affair with *******
my love to ******* this
sounds sick?
indeed it is

we call it
suffering from an addiction

we call it
suffering from a dependency

become clean.
i wish you willpower
wish you strong luck
wish you peace at last

the rate of relapsing
******* users is vast
during the night

when the wind is
breezing mildly

when the stones of the cities
are breathing out the heat of the day

while you are
sneaking over the streets

while every street corner resembles
the very one where
koks-emil used to sell his product

while you are sensing the smell
of bitterness

while you are being preoccupied with
her face: her longing her greed

while you are experiencing

more deeply
more soberly
and more knowingly
as before

while you
are reaching out your hands searching
with kidfingers for koks-emil

the guy with the warped corner of the mouth
the reliable / greedy one

the one who is always ready

a salesman has to be available for
every second of your longing
every second of your greed

koks-emil: your world is made of black and white
your hat is grey its bonnet is vanishing as your
shivering hands

hands that spread capsules
hands that grap at bills
hands that you use to brush away your sweat

**** between the lipps
shabby coat

koks-emil your spirit
blows through inner cities like gas fumes
a grin on your face coming from
lurid lights

you became immortal
you underwent rapid decades
you were an addict
you created addicts
you served addicts

the ****** expression of the girl
your child-like customer
remains for

all for everybody with a

for all and for everybody
who depends on *******

for all and everybody
who is clean from *******

for all and everybody:
longing and greed

rest in peace girl
Based on true events.

Today is a good day.
Aramitz J Durant Sep 2019
a world apart, i stood
where two universes had divided,
where a wall had fallen, crumbled
into dust and ashes of
the men who had attempted

to cross it;
with all their might and desperation
risked their lives so that
their children might one day
see freedom

with their wide wondering eyes
of naïveté and joy.
a world apart i stood,
desperately clinging to their stories:
their martyrdom;

the names i would never know;
the stories that would go
untold with nobody who knew
them, nobody to tell them

a world apart i stood
watching the snowfall in
berlin, dampening the streets
where the death strip once
tore life from the innocent

in the name of separation;
the falseness of east and
a world apart i stood,
glad that it was no more.
This was written shortly after my first trip to Berlin last year. The sacrifices people made in order to escape to the West was something that really touched me; the accidental martyrs the Wall made out of people who only ever wanted to be free. This poem is for Peter Fechter, who I hope is finally at peace and free, wherever he may be.
Aramitz J Durant Sep 2019
there was a girl at friedrichstrasse station
she waved
through the barrier
with dainty hands and gentle eyes of kindness
and i smiled at her carefully making sure
nobody noticed my face
the gleam in her eyes doe-like and sweet like she cared
even though she didn’t know me even though
she was supposed to hate me
even though it’s been hours days weeks months

years i still think of her
those shining eyes that smile that changed me
the westerner that i should not have looked at
wanted craved
for so long even while my friends kissed
boys at midnight under the stellar stars
in alexanderplatz
my mind still returned to her loyal
the way a dog returns to its master
forever thinking of the girl at friedrichstrasse station
Mo Mar 2019
The **** drops deep as does my plant.
I never love, 'cause to love is the girlfriend of scant.
Beyond the walls of drums, life is defined.
I think of happiness when I'm in a Berlin state of mind.

Hope the ant got some rant.
My scant don't like no ***** grant.
Run up to the aunt and get the cant.

In a Berlin state of mind.
What more could you ask for? The cool ****?
You complain about the cold.
I gotta love it though - somebody still speaks for the screed.

I'm rappin' to the head,
And I'm gonna move your bed.

Smooth, beautiful, super, like a seed
Boy, I tell you, I thought you were a screed.

I can't take the the cold, can't take the love.
I woulda tried to sleep I guess I got no glove.

I'm rappin' to the bed,
And I'm gonna move your head.

Yea, yaz, in a Berlin state of mind.

When I was young my girlfriend had a lead.
I waz kicked out without no screed.
I never thought I'd see that speed.
Ain't a soul alive that could take my girlfriend's breed.

A slippery teddy bear is quite the everywhere.

Thinking of happiness. Yaz, thinking of happiness (happiness).
The sirens will not wail here again
the thunder of bombs not prevail.
The spectre of war has vanished
forever forever forever
it is hoped in silent repetition
where once was done its utmost bidding.

War has always lived fitfully
in men's imaginations
with promises of victory, fame, and glory:
the vanquishing of foes
the plundering of riches.

But here was known war's utter hell and consequence.
70,000 died in the last 10 days of April 1945.
And in the wild ravages of death
the city was destroyed
bombed and shelled to rubble
and stripped to barren earth.

Yet in the center of the Tiergarten
stands the Siegessäule
an antique monument
to victory in a bygone time.
It now seems quaintly obsolete
though radiant, triumphant, golden.

For victory at what cost?
And who should suffer defeat?
Better tourists come than foreign armies
shooting only pictures
hardly noticing the pockmarked walls
on the few old buildings standing still
from that fallen age.

The Wall is a little more contemporary
and easier to understand.
Keep people out, keep people in –
an impulse as old as stones and mortar
simple as a club or spear.

Our lives, so civilized to order
have more walls than ever
both hidden and apparent.

But this wall, so misplaced and divisive
could not stand for long.
A city, like a living thing
cannot endure division from itself.
And so the Wall came down.

Now tiny smart cars smartly zip, obliviously
over markers inset in the pavement
(Berlin Wall 1961-1989)
as if to symbolize the transformation
and to say, "oh, we tried all that, it doesn't work."
A more enlightened age
is thought to have arrived.

And perhaps, perhaps wishfully
it has, and come here first
in this old country
made wiser in its failed hubris.

And now I realize
that's what I like about it here.

For the first time in years
I am in a city, and country
at peace.
Written in Fall 2004, last revised 2019.
Charleigh Huston Feb 2018
I built a wall like Berlin,
With our two hearts,
Entwined like a limerick;
Kept within arm's reach -
So when our heads spin,
I'll tear it down -
Brick by Brick
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