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Oskar Erikson Jul 2023
am I more than a drink
taken per food group
swallowed by instinct.
you’re more to me than thirst.
sliced by feeling,
unpeeled heart wrenching
take from all and, Nothing.
I wait for you here,
so perhaps the taste of you
lights back stars, and starlight.
perhaps the taste of you
finds pathways in the back of legs, of knee.
you are permenent in the heat of love
but sliced in essence.
**** ME
and ask very little in return, ask of holding.
your **** as it grows limp in the moonlight,
all I miss is the taste of your absence
all I taste is the feeling of you
finished inside of me which laid the foundations of something larger than what this body can contain,
I love it, the hurt of your breaking into me.
and hurt of the love that remains.
arCamm Apr 2022
filtered water neglects
the body of necessary

If I am to know
the true nourishment
you bring to the table,

you must show
yourself to me…

Don’t come to masked up. I want to know YOU.
fika Jan 2022
She’s raw

Like the joint
She holds between her fingers

She looks at him
"Get my ******* out of your mouth"
I'm not your ******* mom
Veemz Dec 2021
I wish I could’ve been there for you
I wish I could’ve stood up for you when he put you down
I wish I could’ve put my foot down when he raised his hand at you
I wish I understood how difficult it must’ve been to raise two kids with a monster
I wish you had the vocabulary to articulate how you feel
I wish the Indian society wouldn’t judge a single mother
I wish I never gave you a hard time when I was growing up
Although I look like him I promise I won’t be like him
I will respect my wife and never lay a hand on her
I will listen to my wife and never undermine her
I will be responsible with my money and never put my family in bad situations

But most importantly I will be a great husband and father because we never had one
Family trauma reunion
birdy Feb 2021
To be loved is to be stripped down to your core. Until the truth is exposed and you're an open book.
And then be accepted.
Not for the persona you created, or the fake meaningless words you use to impress, not the clothes you wear, the way you part your hair, or anything of the sort.
But to be accepted in your pure state of self truth.
That is love.
accept me
piper Jul 2019
one cannot eat
in the comforts of her own home.
Oh, yes, That's right.
It's not her's.
It's 'her's'.
She, the devil in disguise,
the one who commands you to cower at her mighty might,
the narcissism oozing out of her pores.

Oh no.
I'm sorry.
I literally just described every narcissistic villain mother figure out there.
Shall I start again?


When mad at somebody else,
you're her best friend.
While yelling her heart out,
she asks you to join.

You do it,
because it feels good.
Feels good that the monster's accepted you,
so you pretend.

you say a few things,
sneer a little,
watch her smile,
in approval.

but when the time comes, and she's mad at you-
everything in the past,
is used against you.

You can't even defend yourself,
since it's all true,
you did say those things,
yes. you.

as of right now, my hand's a sweltering into an ugly red hue

marks on the back of my arm,
they're going to scar.

but it's not the physical one that's going to stay the longest,
but rather the words,
the blood running after the hurt.

But every time.
she brings me back to her side again.
every time.

                                                        ­    -YYC
i sincerely hope no one sees this, but if you do, keep reading.
i think i've stopped writing about romance and sappy **** like that because i don't think i have anymore compassion for that kind of thing anymore. i'm going to be honest here. no one knows the real me here. i can share...the gore and all the unfiltered ugly stuff that no one know or sees or should know. god knows the lengths some people will go to make me keep some of the secrets i write about, but i need to get them out, so i suppose this is fine right?
Robin Wright May 2019
Sometimes I'm scared to walk outside
Cause the world has gone insane
It seems we need a miracle
To save us from this pain
Tragedy is all I see
When I turn on the news
The politicians and media
Are plotting their next ruse
Why can't we all, just use our minds
And think all by ourselves
Instead of buying the stories
That the media, is trying to sell
The media, is selling hate
And we're all buying in
The world is on a dinner plate
And their feeding off our sins
Their using social platforms now
To fully extend their arms
Knowing that will fuel the fire
And cause us further harm
Honesty is dead and gone
The world has lost its heart
We need to come together now
Before the world, just falls apart
Rallies filled with picket signs
Aren't working anymore
Cause everyone's, completely forgotten
Just what we're fighting for
We need to put down all the signs
And throw our weapons down
And remember that peace, is the safest way
To find some common ground
Hate has caused a million problems
But never solved, a single one
Its escalated, to the point
Where we're turning, on everyone
Our leaders need to do the job
We elected them to do
They need to find, a peaceful way
To help us make it through
They need to put, agendas aside
Forget the left and right
Cause if they don't, I just don't see
A resolution in sight
They can't make this, about politics
Our problems are bigger than that
Their agendas, have turned us against each other
And that's a simple fact
So, set aside your differences
And set aside your greed
And fix this mess, that you have made
That's what, our country needs
Quit with all the personal attacks
On one another's lives
You can play, your political games
On some else's time
It's time for you, to join forces now
And put your heads together
You made this mess, now clean it up
It's time to make this better
There's one thing, that I know for sure
And that's, hate is bred from hate
And it's clear to see, that this is what
Has brought us to this state
You should be ashamed
Of all, the chaos, you've allowed
You haven't done, a single thing
To make this country, proud
So shut your mouths, and get to work
The country, is depending on you
It's time for you, to do the job
We hired you to do.
If you would like to read more, I have 2 books on Amazon. “We are all strangers here” and “An Unfiltered Mind” by Robin L. Wright.
Ameliorate Sep 2018
Outside the leaves turn yellow and I’m struggling
My mind becoming my enemy, replaying memories from a time which doesn’t exist to me any longer
Two years ago we became one, something I never imagined
We spent days and days together until you asked me to move in with you
Two years later and five months since we broke up yet it’s all I think about
Cascading liquid tears fall from tired eyes as I remember the life I never wanted to leave behind
My eyes are mourners, dressed in black visiting the gravesite of what we were, together  
Each blink is a silent goodbye to pieces I’m still not ready to leave behind
How do you stop loving someone who gave you everything and seemingly took it away just as fast?
Those moments my heart remembers despite fleeting time and energy
Fall apart, fall asleep and dream of then when leaves changing colours meant falling in love with you and building a family.
A family I still see almost every day, but it’s no longer mine.
So yes, five months after the fact I’m still coming to terms with you being gone.
Feelings I cannot control and memories hovering like an unresolved ghost.
I am haunted by what we were and the fact that you can still look me in the eyes after the way you left without a second glance.
Twenty-nine years old doesn’t make heartbreak any less significant and difficult.
Perhaps someday I’ll be able to make sense of being alone.
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