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Julia Celine Apr 27
Everything hurts and you're not here to heal it
You're not here to rub my back
Kiss my head
Hold my hand
You're not here to wrap your arm around my waist
And pull me close
The thing that hurts the most
Is that you could be
And I just...
I never thought you wouldn't want to
Julia Celine Apr 22
My skin still knows your touch
It shivers in the cold
The goosebumps chase an endless path
I think
They're reaching out for you
Julia Celine Mar 27
Speak to me kindly
Both you and I
Are but floating specks of ignorance
Making sense of the wind
Deep down, we are all the same, be kind and grow
Julia Celine Jan 20
When my flames are all extinguished

I hope the ashes show I'd grown tall

I can't control the wind and rain that befell me

But at least I'd burned at all
My worth is not diminished by what tries to make me small
Julia Celine Jan 19
If I’d been resentful
It should’ve been a surprise to none
Love was a million things I could’ve known
And I would have settled for just one

And I’d have taken all the essence
Let it fill me up inside
Felt the earth shudder beneath my feet
And held on for the ride

With white knuckles I’d clutch the single rose
Thorns piercing in my skin
That which grew in sunshine, in rain
Knew miracle and sin

It taught the ocean how to toddle
Back and forth across the shore
And even in its tantrums
It never kept a score

I taught my eyes to blink and welcome
As it does with every night
The sleep that replenishes wonder
With the darkness in my sight

You can determine a gust upon the breeze
But the wind knows no direction
And you can battle with the skies
While the earth has no detection

But I teach my heart to dance
And steady for a while
No one needs to be alive
No one needs to smile

But I taught myself to care
Although the world taught me indifference
I taught myself to live the journey
Instead of focusing on the distance

And when I saw you,
Over a million different things,
I saw technicolor beauty
And I taught my soul to sing

I kept in mind that you were life
And ever-changing and free
But I thought happy would be enough
For you to choose to be

So maybe I don’t understand
Why good people walk away
I breathe in heavy wind gusts
And in the receding water wade

And if I’d been resentful
It should’ve been a surprise to none
Love was a million things I could’ve known
And I would’ve settled for just one
Julia Celine Nov 2018
You avert your eyes
From anywhere I could be
You look away unless in trial
Of ways to try to change me
You point your blame, I only hope
This will grant you some reprieve
I'm sorry life has been unkind
I'm sorry good people leave
I'm sorry we've been dealt the cards
Laid on this wobbly table
I'm sorry life so often feels
Like walking on a cable

I can see this doesn't settle you
You want to walk away
Well darling, if it helps you
You can give me all your hate

Go on, travel the whole world
Let your eyes breathe in the scenes
Hurt again, then learn again
That the world can be so mean
Come to the conclusion at
The bottom of a beer
Smashed or pieced together,
I will still be here
You can break me in a million pieces
And shatter all the rest
You can promise me no more
But you can't make me any less

So my darling, let me stay by you
And wipe away your tears
I share your thoughts, I share your hopes
I know the endless fears
I can't promise you perfection
But if we make amends
I'll show you how broken things
Can still learn how to bend
Julia Celine Nov 2018
There came a point when I realized you couldn't hold me up anymore
And it was when you were holding on far too tight
I wish that I could tell you all of this with my eyes
Because nothing I say could ever be enough
And I know you wanted to see me prosper
Wanted me to show you all I could be
If it's any consolation, I tried
With all of me, but
All of me
Turned out to be
Nothing but
What I could do
For you
Well Mama,
I tried to be a fire
You were my gasoline
But I'd sooner turn to ash
Than let you empty yourself for me
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