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I grow more tired than you,
who's always running
And loves life's sudden dips

And you'll grow tired too
Of waiting
For me to jump this rift
Julia Celine Sep 13
You made me swallow down these words
Only for them to come back up when spurred
At the tip of my tongue, my thoughts
Shout out angrily to be heard

You think it all as meaningless
When you wash away my sound
Now you're gurgling your excuses
And maybe I'll let you drown

I smile through your babbling
And grant you my silence as you prompt me
I know what you want to hear but oops,
I guess I choked again
Julia Celine Aug 26
Cornflower blue covered capsules
They turn the axles now
I know that you’d be scared too
If you surfed a furrowed brow

I could love the rain more if
I wasn’t made of wooden bones
And I would love me more if
I didn’t have such a fragile soul
Julia Celine Aug 5
Sometimes it feels like I hold you in the palm of my hand
You’re too stubborn to stay seated, you’re too scared to stand
So you lean on impulsive promises, a thousand planted seeds
Plant yourself halfway through the doorway and throw away the key
And look to me to water your garden
A consideration I haven’t yet bought
And you need me, now you need me
I’m not so sure that’s what I want
Julia Celine Jul 28
A little birdie told me
You'd wandered far away
Saw you out in San Francisco
Tracked your steps from train to train

She said you're finally wading in the water
And dancing in the streets
I told her she can come back home now
That news is all I need
Julia Celine Jul 4
There is a place for us
Where the grass is always green
I chose to take your hand and walk with you
inside this dream

Oh, how the calamity of our ending
Caressed my frozen cheek
As we tried to deny the truths
inside the depths of our beliefs

Heal the wounds torn from the wreckage
Upon this calloused stone
Card through the callings of an animal
That pulls the skin from bone

Show me the truth, that I do love you
But sometimes love is not enough
And for everything I want for you
It may not even be so much

So if we were never meant to be
It's fine, if I must set you free,
If the cold is setting in,
Then wait a moment here with me

There is a place for us
Where the grass is always green
And my love stays here, eternal,
Inside a moment's infinity
Julia Celine Jun 20
I climbed a mountain
to become larger than I had been
And the higher I climbed, the less it all
Seemed to create some sort of sense
For all I hurt for, must have been something I loved
Something I loved much more than me
But from here, everything I loved is small...
So much smaller than I could be
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