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Julia Celine May 2023
Someone promise me forever
As far as forever takes this world
Suspend me in an orange sun
Too hot to be a good thing
In this moment I feel so heavy
I’m not going anywhere
Sit beside me here
Where the last of our rivers mist
And when my head begins to dip
I hope it catches the cradle
Of your hands, so cool
Against my burning, tear-tracked cheeks
I hiccup a laugh at a joke you told
And urge my neck to strain
My eyes must be sparkling
When they turn to your light
You smile so bright
And so clear and sharp
Like morning
Cut through me here
Where you know my heart descends
This is how my world ends
I want it to be you
As the world is on fire
Whispering promises and
Holding me closer
To the flame
Julia Celine Jan 2023
The stars giggle
Drunk on the dust
In the Milky Way
They tip over
Turning a fall into a dip
When I squint
I see you just like this
Dancing at the end of a stick

I would like to say
I wake up in the morning
Refreshed and ready
But I just squint through the light
Pouring through my window
Trying harder and harder to see you
As you disappear
Julia Celine Dec 2022
What is my work worth really
Passion only plays on
What luck can fuel
To love something enough
Makes no promises or obligations

Inspired by the hope of the few
I get up and take a look in the mirror
I go to offer some words of encouragement
But my reflection hits harder than the words
In my control

They say that
A picture speaks a thousand words
The sun in my skin has faded
My hair flat and dull

How long have I been in my room
Trying to grow a heart strong enough to fight
Based on romanticized fiction
And achievable ideals
Where am I really
Standing here dripping
In hypocrisy
Who am I now
With crazed, shining eyes
Losing color through my tear ducts

I shift
In the puddle of paint
Crusting around my ankles
And pick at the flakes
That scale my jaw
It works like rusted machinery now
And no ones handling
The upkeep
For anything less than my very best

Depreciating and decaying
Every year
Until I pass as abstract art
Julia Celine Dec 2022
I wonder how deep I can bury myself
Before my breath begins to thin
I’ve been looking for ways
To shirk my skin
At the bottom of this pit

Then I wonder if I can exist
Just like this
Every time I hear my name
My gut creates a crooked twist

So I wonder who will still be here
When my voice corrodes like tin
In some watery, choked collision
Of the body that I’m in
Julia Celine Dec 2022
There’s a secret in heaven
In the vines weaved through the overcast
Of a leafy canopy
Someone sleeps in the gathering
Of rain puddles and
Drips like the liquid
In an IV
They say,
We will be free
From our lost ideals
And speak the last words
We can muster
We will hear them floating in the
Particles of the wind
And become the stories
That the earth
Tells to the stars
Julia Celine Dec 2022
I miss when love was easy to stomach
Your sweetness melts to caramel
Now too much sugar doesn't sit the same
And causes heartache just as well

There was a time before my muscles shook
From tensing in an embrace
It was a time when poetry came easy
Instead of causing stomaches
Julia Celine Oct 2022
When I break apart
It will be in a pile
Of sober, smoothed over
Crystal shards
Not one bit as pretty
As they should be
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