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Herena Rosas Aug 20
your eyes
it tells a beautiful story
it is incomparable to many eyes
I have met before

the most peculiar eyes
I have ever seen
I felt seen.
Upset I am so often
So often you couldn't imagine
You would say
I shouldn't be upset
That would mean
I am insensitive
Extravagance upsets me
Ostentation upsets me
Wastage upsets me
Abject poverty
Mocked at by filthy affluence upsets me
Creepy behaviour of
Highly qualified intellectuals upsets me
Upset I am so much
When a pall of gloom
Corona uncontrollable
They mock at modern system of medicine
Speak against vaccines
Condemn and declare
Polio eradication, TB eradication programs
All useless and counter-productive
When they see conspiracy in everything
When a top doctor and Padamvibuhshan awardee
Endorses 1956 recommendation of an UK expert
Not to treat half a million
TB patients
Give better nutrition only
Half would have survived
Half would have died
And with that TB would have been eradicated
I am really upset
I ask him why the expert
Couldn't eradicate TB in his own country
Where even today more than 7000 people die of TB annually
He laughs at diabetes
Cites example where one
Without treating controlling high diabetes
Lived long life
Such attitudes really shocking
I am witness, I am victim
Side effect of adminstered steroids
Of uncontrolled diabetes
Escaped death narrowly
Due to diabetes induced heart attack
What should be done of such great men?
They deserve to be sent to a mental hospital
Upset I am really, really!
Of late, during this Corona pandemic, there's is a flood of spooky videos in social media. They aren't doing any public good. Please ignore them. Adhere to official instructions and guidance from Government.
****** fools
Foolishness is in your blood
No way in sight, I regret
To remove it
Would genetic engineering ever do it?
A popular figure on social media
Sings paeans on Indian forefathers
They knew of God particle over thousands years
God is in every particle
Our religion tells us
Problem is we don't admit it
Until foreigners tell us
What is God?
What is particle?
Have you ever understood these?
Don't equate God with physicality
And a particle made of God
Know the difference between
The Creator and the created
Know God getting meditated
Know particle studying
Scientific literature
For scientists when it
Comes to explain and predict
Planetary motion
Sun, Moon, Earth...
Are particles
When it comes to
Structure of matter and fundamentals
Atoms, electrons, protons, Higgs Boson...
Are particles
There are particles within particles
There are elementary particles
Within which no particles
Quarks, Leptons, Bosons types of elementary particles
Of Bosons, Higgs Boson one such particle
Predicted by Peter Higgs sixty years ago
It took long fifty years
Of strenuous thinking and efforts
Besides billions of dollars
To detect and confirm its existence
A Nobel laureate, Lederman
Wrote a book on it in 1990 with the title
"******* PARTICLE"
Poking fun how difficult it was to detect it
Publishers are shrewd people
They made the title of the book fascinating and fashionable
So that wildly it sells
It is their business
But many scientists do grudge it
They are against this nickname
As Higgs Boson has nothing to do with God
Peter Higgs himself is an atheist
This is just for your brief
There's no dearth of ****** fools
And majority inclined to be fooled!
Spicy Digits Oct 2020
What a spicy meatball of a life
This curious little salamander body
That is birthed and breathes
While the moon continues to orbit overhead
And space debris wink in the night sky.

Our individual unique little faces and souls
Born from millions of protein lego pieces,
And worn by family and circumstance
And sometimes pure chance' caprices.

What a deliciously weird solo recital,
These pink-and-green,
Fleeting lives,
In these absurdly floppy flesh costumes,
Bound by a slippery fable of time and place,
Of colour and race.

Some chapters are full of pain and struggle,
As we dance on the precipice between
Textbook norms and rebellious liberation.
But what fascinatingly quirky,
And gateaux-rich our little short stories are -
Sometimes swollen and aflame with sadness
Then extinguished with timely humour.

This time we are gifted in history,
Whether the first journey or our souls 332nd
We have it to taste fresh bread,
Chat to bus drivers,
Stroke the perfection of a pompom dahlia
Talk baby to the neighbors dog
Laugh heartily at our shortfalls
Pop pimples,
Sob out the pain in our body
Smell old books
And laugh our way to double chins.
Jana Pelzom Sep 2020
Today was my graduation
There’s one every school year
The money spent
On knowledge
Where they tell me
Money can’t buy wisdom  
Then  tell us all
No graduation this fall
We’ve all been given digital passes
To go work in
Maybe a mall
They tell me I’m too caught up
My heads way up in the clouds
And then they give me
a virtual Hat toss
Hurrah to our 2020 graduates
Bless us all.
Class of 2020 ©️2020 Jana Pelzom
Kara Shirlene Aug 2020
We're all a little mad
In this world of spinning dreams.
Where teardrops turn to waterfalls,
And fate's determined by the sea.
We're all a little crazy
In this field of life and love.
With winding roads and rabbit holes,
And things you wouldn't dare speak of.
We're all a bit insane
Each dealt a different hand to play.
Though we shuffle the deck of cards,
The Queen of Hearts will still remain.
We're all a bit bizarre
In this place of mystery.
For time ticks faster, faster still,
A kaleidoscope like history.
We're all a little weird
Like Cheshire grinning ear to ear.
But in this Wonderland of Life,
Grand adventures find us here.
©KSS 8/2015
old willow May 2020
Dream is a bubble,
easily burst from a light touch.
At time, I forget I am a guest in my dream,
A host and a guest;
In control yet not,
bizarre yet naught,
unexpected yet forgot.
Life too, is a dream,
a very long dream indeed.
Carlo C Gomez Jan 2020
Gwyneth Paltrow’s ****** Candle
may be completely sold out,
but it's not the only bizarre product she sells – how about jade eggs that can be inserted into the ****** and “recharged” with the light of a full moon?

All things considered, the candle is pretty much on-brand...
The phone rings,
Or rather vibrates,
As I stir my instant coffee
Because my Keurig is broken
And I haven’t gotten around to replacing it.
The lady on the other end
Of the call
Says she’s with the bank.
She’s selling identity theft protection subscriptions.
I listen to her
What that is
With mild excitement growing in my stomach;
Not with regards to the
But over the
Tones and intonations —
The way she breathes:
I let her run with it,
Feigning curiosity at first.
A question here,
To really get her going.
I wonder when she was last ******?
She asks to verify my name,
She mentions a credit score package
(Ooh la la)
That will provide me with insight as to whether my identity has ever been
(This call
Is getting steamy)
She tells me that in order to receive the package I need to confirm my enrolment in the subscription.
Could you repeat that?’
I can feel it
My soul,
As I sip my ****** instant coffee.
I tell her
That I absolutely won’t enrol,
That I refuse,
But that she should be a voice actor
Or that if she was a voice option for Siri
I would surely select her.
She doesn’t have a response,
Choosing to wish me a good evening instead,
And to thank me on behalf of her employer.
Thank you dear.
Call this number whenever you like.
I don’t want your talents to go unappreciated by other customers
Who I’m sure are all swines.’
I stare at the ended call
And fantasize about your voice,
And when you were last ******.
Too bad the coffee is ****.
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