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Comfortable rectangle
Stranger sleeping
Feeling, breathing
Mostly dreaming

Self exploration
Starlit sobbing
Skin cells
Sweat beads
Strands of hair

Morning whispers
Morning breath
Laughing, touching
Alarm clocks
mothwasher Jul 2020
my great throat tree is featured in float parades now

sponsored by paper mills

they send us free notebooks and you leave me

rounds of exquisite corpse to play

or folded frogs

or news of another alleged abduction with ***** political jokes in the margins

or the times you jot down to remember when you thought of the ghost

when i find these on my table, i sneak off for a phone call to the mattress

the mattress doesn’t care to watch parades on live broadcasted television

i can hear the ghost making breakfast on the other end

the mattress stares at the ceiling mostly and i remember this and i’m so


for you

i pick up a folded sheet and draw the trunk torso

and inside the tree trunk i draw a little man playing the french horn

but before drawing hearts spilling from the brass

i drew a massive ***

i smiled, knew you’d appreciate it, and started sweeping
mothwasher Jul 2020
the mattress is possessed and my days are numbered

my numbers are possessed and

tree branches are starting to grow from inside

my neck, sprouting ****** bulbous limbs

wearing the springs of my mattress

in my sleep, the tree talks to my mattress

from my throat

they are in cohorts and I suppose

the ghost has nothing to do with it

but in the end the ghost will

have an affair with the mattress

and they will run away leaving the tree

and my numbers

I can’t speak because of the


and the karmic terror

of the heavy branches tearing

through my throat

the ghost doesn’t know about the tree

the mattress will never tell her

the mattress is missing several springs

the mattress is possessed and can only speak in tongues

so the ghost only hears the whispers of leaves
KM Hanslik Mar 2020
She was irresistible, irreplaceable
make one false move and put your place on hold;
The backbone of desire pumping through the wire, set her loose & watch her flow,
candle wax oozing, resisting control
our flavored dispute; set conversation on mute, but I still hear you in my head
every time the light turns red,
I can still feel you on my skin
at the end of the day when my patience drags thin.
Coddle this inside its synthetic cradle,
no one knows the secrets a day holds
but I know how to win & slowly begin
again, after arrows are dragged with lead,
speaking from a place of dread & coaxed from a respite of poor taste,
Twin mattress replaced
with everything I couldn't say,
pending transactions we swept away
to be posted at a later date;
I'm keeping my warnings slow and my feet above my head
Twin mattress replaced
with everything I should have said.
FloydBrandon Feb 2020
Lie flat on your golden mattress
Same one your sheets fit
Same one you **** with
Same one you flip

But wish you’d’ve said to begin with
because I’ve been having breakfast in bed again..
Phi Kenzie Sep 2018
I hid my old bed in the basement
of the last place I lived
sitting with the box spring and frame

It’s a great, full set
I had to let it go
roaming back home
which is nowhere near close
neth jones Jul 2018
right hand - cack hand
an inebriant
a heat of intoxicants
'Recover Your Presence Of Mind'
i don't even have my mattress raised
from upon the floor
spilled drinks
and pages soaked to the boarding
snoring in spores
infested with messages
in nest with it all
best to withdraw
the artist
the 'madder than'
the inebriant
right ?
can one practice as a sober ?
I've never wanted to create more or been this capable before...or are the results missing something ?
something splayed
hellish even ?
is it the reader ?
will we not be pleased with the results without some evidence of a soul in suffering
and numbing isolation?
I was told a brain on poem was a terrible thing to waste . To which I retorted ,"Which one is wasted?"
wraiths Aug 2015
you press your tongue
against the bones of my hips

hot blood splatters
against the mattress
as you bite your thin lips
through sharpened teeth
and trace your mouth
with wet kisses
across my protruding collarbones

paint my skin scarlet;
i want to drown in you
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