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Sydney Nov 2019
Purple, shiny with edges, nooks, and crannies
Light bounces off and dances along the walls
stranger Jan 2019
There's a forest with ethereal green leafed trees
And amethyst waters.
Moss under my bleeding knees
And a rain crying sky mother.
The water glows its violet stars
And the trees wash off their now old blueish leaf shards.
And I stand in the forest of my home
In the dewy irises and the misty grass
Maybe I can't stay here for too long
But I'll wake up in the ash
Of a burnt dream.
old thing I found about this forest I used to live in. My head has pretty places
Daisy Vallely Jan 2017
Use amethyst for everlasting creativity in your organic endeavors, to keep mental sobriety, to calm the drunkenness that is an overtly analytical mind and an emotional heart. Use lepidolite to remind yourself that love envelopes everything around us, and allow your own to radiate and touch those who need it most, never disregarding yourself. Also to trust and have faith in your unique energy, to channel your strength and allow yourself to dream awake, and live every day in love with the universe.
Small patch of thought for those who are interested in crystals. This was my mantra the other day and the crystals i carried around.
Amethyst ,
Greek for not intoxicated
A gemstone of violet colored quartz
once believed provided protection
against becoming intoxicated

Black Butterfly , a book about transformation and rebirth after death
But I don't know where the stripper
drama comes in
The rest is life ,
into daily drudge

Oh , but for the last dregs
of glory
at the bottom
of the bottle of life

The electric breath that once
activated every nerve cell
of your being
into ecstacy
has become a distant emoticon
that was once closer
than shadow thin
But now has become the one
living in a graveyard
with hopes
of raising dead dreams
Samuel Preveda Mar 2016
god stood by me, he hid in my pocket like a piece of amethyst
when i ran he turned into the forest to envelop me
his spirits became soft grasses, scented woods and colorful flower

The elderly woman in her garden in the early morning before the sun rises too high. She never sprays chemicals to get rid of the snails, instead she works and plants for and around them. This garden is to celebrate life, not to take it away. The wooden fence bordering her property is low and unoffensive enough to allow through woodland creatures who are never shooed away for taking a walk or a bite through the herbage. Perhaps she is atoning for a life of death and destruction. Or perhaps she is a saint.

They enjoyed things like making forts out of sticks and blankets and cardboard boxes and dressing up and going to the opera.

Memories, fresh like a wound.

Sometimes something so small. Going to the post office. A slideshow of post offices in my life. The disinfected paper smell, the lines of people waiting to mail a package, the solid colors of the interior, gray, black, white. A scrubby short haired black carpet, well worn.

I turned into a set of wings made out of crayon or colored pencil markings. As if pushed and pulled by the wind I stunned through the air, waving in the sunlight, pencil dashes of red and blue and purple. Like an animation from Reading Rainbow.

Thrown and tossed about like a lightweight wale in the sea. An enormous behemoth of grey and blue leaping like a kitten among the waves. It should be terrifying and would be if its teeth were any larger or sharper and if there was not such a happy gleam in its huge eye.
neko-nae Jan 2016
Rose quartz gathered
in the palm of her
warm hand, breathing deeply,
constant-thought pushing around
through the insides of her skull
as she surrenders to love–

From her neck she
has worn amethyst for a long time,
wanting to protect her from the world–

Change is blowing through the trees
around her home, swaying
to the beat-box of Autumn’s chill,
reminding her to always smile–

As she nestles
under covers, Bast sneaks in
through the window and
places her paw against
her forehead, the temple of
the Other world awaits, my dear–
Be my everything,
To guide and cherish me,
Be my lover,
To love me unconditionally.

Be my Architech,
Let's design the future together.
Be my teacher,
To teach me how to love.

Be my engineer,
To build our home.
Be my doctor,
To take care of me.

Be my accountant,
To audit my salary.
Be my bestfriend,
To advise me when I'm sad.

Be my clown,
To make me happy when I'm down.
Lastly, be my partner,
And stay with me forever.
Eridan Ampora Jul 2014
Oh Heiress!
My heiress
You date many men
At the least you've dated eighteen
That's in the last few years
But you're royalist of blood
Makes you special
For you're the heiress
To become The Condescension!
So date who you wish
Be deflowered if you want
But know this
I'll remember this always
Violet's always remember
Especially those who were close
Stay away from Jason!
Amethyst, you lucky *****! But I'm glad to be Violet since there can't be a male fushia blood. She likes dating men and I don't want her near Jason. Condescending means you talk down to someone, She's definitely turning into the Condescension
Wass Apr 2014
I'm sat in a pearl 
on your lips
Mouthing sweet hymns
Of the lemon pips
That you spit from your lips
I'm stood in ruby
In your hair
Hearing bitter chorals 
of beetroot stalks
That you hang from your ear.

I'm struck in amethyst 
Through your pupil
Tasting great lilacs
And smelling supple, 
Subtle lavender.

— The End —