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mo Nov 2022
because they hit like ****** on a friday night.
when my blanket has had enough of reassuring my anxious mind
it's your lovely phantom that hugs me then:
a figment of my pleasant longing
for your hands and the way they hug mine.

sleep with me.
maybe we'll wake up sat on a for-two caddy  
parked across the hanging end of a moonlit prairie.
we'll toss the keys to our locked embrace
until the sun finds us and throws them back.
i have indeed fallen asleep to thoughts of u
neth jones Aug 2019
[Young Male Voice....inebriated, perhaps]
Slit of the tongue Frush guppy !
I sped to you today
To treat you to a working meal and...
You’re not there !
You remained a way yonder
Sense-able to my.... me
but too.... mirage n’ fragrant for any talk
this side of miz..mizcomunication
Stay thus sway !
I’ve decided
Is decried
Please...and I’ll love you
as just what I can imagine you to be, yeah...see you tomorrow maybe
Agunda! AGUNGDA !
- voice out man
Diana Garcia Aug 2018
You used to sweet
& now you ain’t much of a treat
Unless you want some meat
When you want some of this ***
All of sudden you’ve got some class
& All it takes is a little sass
To remind you who you trying to **** with
Fool me once, fool me twice,
Third times a charm is a myth
******* you’re unappreciative
Once you had me inebriated
Now all I ever am is ******* irritated
I see the man I love but all I feel is hate for you
I walk away cause now I know it’s through
Don’t even think about coming back without bringing some fast food
Cause that’s all your good for now my dude
Your tongue used to make my toes curl
Now thinking about making love and everything you’ve done makes me want to hurl
I’m sorry lady boy, you’re going to have to find yourself a new girl..
About the angel who should of went to hell
Rachna Beegun Jan 2017
To my DAD,
I’m sorry for being born
I’m sorry for being a girl but you know all my life I’ve tried to be a boy to you, as you always wanted but God didn’t gave you one
I’m sorry for being such a failure in life
I’m sorry for being a burden to you and mom, especially to you when mom passed away 3 years back
I’m sorry for being angry whenever I see you drinking alcohol and in the end you’re unable to stand straight. You see I’m more concerned about your health because I know the disastrous effect alcohol have on you and also it is the reason that my concept of a perfect family is ebbing slowly.
I’m sorry for telling you NOT TO DRINK ALCOHOL TOO MUCH
I’m sorry for yelling at you when you start to drink as I know you’ll crave for more after one bottle
I’m sorry for being angry when you invite your friends and your family over to drink a lot of alcohol because I know they are just momentary friendship and familial bonds, when you’ll fall ill nobody of the group will come to your help
I’m sorry for being so brutally honest when I tell you what effect of this new behavior of yours is affecting our relationship and also those of my sisters
Moreover I’m sorry for all that happen yesterday night : for telling you to go to bed and scold you like a child because you can’t wake up enough to walk to the bedroom
I’m sorry for helping you to stand and take you to your bed
I’m sorry for removing the glass from your hands and suggesting to carry it for him to his bedroom because of his inebriated state
I’m sorry because of me you’ve gotten angry and broke the glass into millions of tiny crystals on the floor
I’m sorry for caring too much
I’m sorry for thinking life is like a bed of roses and as long as I have my parents love I can overcome anything
I’m sorry for hoping you loved me and still do despite all this
I’m sorry for being a hurdle in your path to live your life fully. Though I would never understand how a child can be a hurdle as I was lead to think that a child is the greatest gift that GOD can give
I’m sorry for being unwanted
I’m sorry for not having the courage to end my pathetic life and remove myself from your path
I’m sorry for constantly trying to gain your attention, you see I yearn normalcy in my life where everything is fine, I have a loving father, perfect life and all

It's just a short letter not a poem .... just wondering what i did wrong... where was my fault that it leads to this stage that i am now
If you think this isn't reality
Then *******
Accept the fact that misery
Is misery, and if that won't do
Then know that I know why
But I won't tell you.

Disturbia is my life
**** Rhianna for
Envisioning a sick truth,
Then not exposing the demon
That lied to you.

The truth, it is far fetched.
Drunken ramblings nothing more.
Guess what?
I puked profusely about two minutes after I published this.
Roberta Day Apr 2015
I lied again and said some words were
the last I'll say about you
but I thought of one more pretense;
I ******* hate you, you know
You're just like my Mom
in the sense of saying things you'll never do
and saying you'll do things you've never done
Delusional and high strung
Determined but so done, with everything and
I don't know why I still hold out
waiting for your words, I laugh they're so absurd
coming from the horse that can't fix its own hooves
Please don't say you miss me
or want to see me
or you'll be there
Because it's all lines to feed -- your ego
and my need for reassurance
just to put another hold on your obligations
a little bit longer
some sort of attending to your problems
that have built up so high they're bound to spill
any time now, very soon
because you're awful at staying connected
and getting back to people
and showing you care -- because deep down you don't
and even then you're more dead than alive and repeating lines
you stole from somewhere, someone you felt thrive
before you decided they weren't unique enough
Sally A Bayan Mar 2015
I am an adult,
But a child is how I see myself.
Some may speak of my strength
My capabilities and tolerance.
They say, in any circumstance
I have perseverance
And endurance.
These are praises that are sugar and spice
When my days are not so nice,
And yet, there's a feeling, a knowing,
Without you, I am nothing
Your stretched hand, I would always be needing,

During not so good times, you said, it is okay to cry
Told me to stand up, through the hurting hours that would go by
For, I must learn of the bright and faded colors of life again and again
How it is to walk under the sun, or through the pouring rain
So, I will appreciate joy even more, after the pain.

The warmth of your embrace
Are my weapons when scary moments I have to face
Thinking...I could have been lost
Worrying...what would've been the cost?
Errors at this point in my life, I could no longer afford
I must listen, careful not to miss your words.
There's this questioning fear,
"What if I soon leave this world?" a thought so drear
Often whispered in my ear
Something I would rather not hear,
Yet, you see me through, with your advice,
Nothing could be truer...I don't have to think twice.
From the start, you have  loved me,
In fact, you have spoiled me
I feel, I believe, you'll never tire of me.

In your assurance, in
Your undying love,
I have become inebriated...
To you, I can not hide the truth
To you, I will admit without a doubt,
I am, and will forever be, YOUR child....


Copyright January 2015
Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan
Laura Turner Dec 2014
Unburden me my wiley friend from all my mundane woes
Release the threads that bind me here, submit me to your throes
Happily you blur the lines and change the days perspective
Mollify me with your lies and kindly dope objective.

It’s pleasant here, I have no care to change this altered state
Inhibitions lose their power to taunt me and berate
I perform well, I entertain, I please so easily
Popular I find myself within your potency

But soon I find the last drops have now dried up in the glass
Your soothing draft has poured its fill, your best has come to pass
And in its wake you leave for me a tender raw emotion
That carries me upon a wave of heady dissolution

The tears they stream, I am a mess, back down to earth I plummet
All former worries amplify now you have reached your summit
I was misled, you’re not my friend, a pariah in disguise
You sought to trick and confuse me put beer goggles on my eyes

So now into my bed I crawl to rest with bland submission
The toilet has already shared with me your vile emissions
I close my eyes I pray for sleep, my head already throbbing
I enter sleep in throes of self-absorbed,  repentant  sobbing
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