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Cox Feb 2020
Fall in to where it can begin.
Moon phase,
Orchid days.

Sweet bliss,
Wanting nothing more than to try your American kiss.

Scorching skies,
White clouds in my love disguise.

I lay wanting to heal my pain.

Moon phase.
You cry,
Tears drowning flowers that lay nearby.
You stay,
Most don’t know why.

You live a lilac lie.

You take my Moon phase,
And I want to know why.

My tides,
My waves,
Reach my shoreline.

My sand was empty,
Completely still.

The grains of sand stand by me,
Pulling me at the knees.

Moon phase,
This night.
Emptying myself solemnly to the dark starlit night.
Mark Sep 2019
You can call us all, including our dog, your hero men  
So when you need help quickly call 9/11  
Rescue we try and save you we hope, from Gods sun filled heaven    
but sometimes we lose out to the devil in this ash scattered hell    
Climbing the steps and spraying the fire, that nobody's skin should've felt    
Bringing you out, one by one, just hold on tight to my safety belt.
We are there to protect you, not to distress you    
Dressed in blue, pistol and taser at side, all in full view    
We arrest the speedsters, traffickers and all the gangsters    
Let the judges decide if the sentence should incur extra time for visitors    
Your lawyers, barristers and familiar jailbird friends    
Will testify, use false alibi to get you off and to make amends.
We're racing to the scene with the medicine in the back    
Inside bed, needles and portable CPR machine, just in case of a heart attack    
We will revive the dead, patch up a sore head and even help mother with newborn    
So let us through with ease and don't for a second put your hand on the horn    
For one day, it might be you or your family or even a long lost friend    
That is waiting for the moving medical miracle machine in the end.
We dress in disguise, mainly in tree green and dirt black    
On the back of tanks, falling from the sky and we won't take any flak    
We're here with orders from the guy at the top    
So don't get upset at us, when we come back with a hop    
We fight to protect the freedom of all mankind    
Just doing our job and hoping not to leave, anybody behind.
Sharon Talbot Jul 2018
I listened for an error but could not find
Anything to tell me that you'd erred.
The human voices were left behind
Among the dead, the long interred.
I wondered at the worry of a bard,
Whose penchant for making mosaics
Of dead and living shards,
Might wax a bit prosaic.

But 'tis nothing too commonplace for me!
I live in such a new land.
And look back where my roots might be,
Standing on a sunlit strand
And strain my eyes for thee.

And my ancestors who, distant, pass,
Clouded with poetry and pride.
The latter mean nothing, not even my last,
Grandparents who came here and tried.

Shoemakers, firemen and their wives,
Learned to dwell in a sprawling place.
But huddled like old Celts, converted, shrived,
As Saxon fires round them paced.

But all of that ended or so we thought,
One April day on a Lexington span,
Declared was freedom and dearly bought,
And a ****** new history began.

August 7, 2012
I was thinking about the ideals of some English colonists (and others) who thought that a revolution would change the New World into a paradise. We all know what happened, but the dream is still there...
Navahopi119 Jan 2018
The institutionalized Racism in America and inequality
is not something by chance.
When there can be persecution for
Something as Spiritual Dance.
There is a bit of unspoken truth,
one that I don't expect you to understand.
There's all evidence, there's all proof.
But no mater the devastation, we stand.
Let me take you back to a time,
to a land where proud Nations stood.
The loss of our land,
Culture is nothing short of a crime.
Our Grief and our passion is often... Misunderstood.
Walking on a trail of broken treaties
our feet bled and our hearts cried.
As they march on indifferently
while our Women and Children died.
We break away from the systems
that we're mean to divide,
reawaken the truth we all keep inside.
But no matter the destruction and devastation,
from the ashes, like a Phoenix we rise.
So my friend, regardless of the poverty within the reservation
It still will not silence our Strong Warrior's cries.
- S. Busick, R. Kayton, B. Powell, E. Sibley, 119
This is a poem that was written for a class assignment as a group project to help illustrate the history and story behind the injustice acted upon the Indigenous Nations in the United States.
They're the men and women
Of a nation that's grand
Having the freedom to travel
Anywhere in the land

They often support
A different party of choice
Yet, faced with injustice
They'll protest with one voice

They disdain acts of racism
And preachers of hate
Their leaders never regard them
As wards of each state

They're quick to defend
Any cause that is just
They don't fear police,
But see them as ones to trust

They seek and find justice
In a court that's supreme
Their great 'Bill Of Rights'
Was their forefathers dream

They stand ready to serve
If their country need call
Even willing to die
To assure it won't fall

Many cultures and colors
And religions you'll find
Have been joined as 'one people'
And agree as 'one mind'

That they'll pledge to allegiance
And do all that they can
To preserve the greatest country
Founded on freedom for man.

These Are Americans
This was written for a high school project, the assignment was to create a poem on something you believe strongly in. This is how I saw Americans back in the 90s.
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