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Daisy Vallely Mar 2020
Familiar faces
fall from graces
left alone in dim-lit places.
Fragile mind draped in laces,
dreams and terrors time erases-
suspended in the void of spaces,
like mold in the water of flower vases.

Entangled in a spider's web,
I chase the tide of black water's ebb.
Casting out the light again-
confess my sins to make amends.

A crystal tear escapes my iris.
I offer thanks to the God, Osiris
who blesses the exhale of my mortal breath,
and forgives my sin, the King of Death.
Daisy Vallely Feb 2019
I press my ear against her soft bark,
Damp and darkened by the cloud’s tears.
I hear an echo that envelopes my mind-
A familiar voice, without a face or a name- she is a vibration, she is a feeling.
Looking up, i watch her branches split the sky like an earth quake shattering the heavens.
Spanish moss drips down like solidified rain drops, frozen in time.
I sit upon her roots and dig my barren feet into the cool dirt
Amongst the acorns and shedding of her hair.
My nose is met with an earthly scent- a reminder to breathe.
This old tree watches lifetimes pass as the sun descends below the Earth, the moon rises into the ether, the stars wink at sleeping flowers, and the planets watch us dream.
I stay beside her until twilight cloaks the sky.
This old tree wears wisdom like a silken robe,
So beautiful in every crack and crevice of her body.
I count the stars with her until numbers turn to the sounds of beetle’s banter.
We all laugh together,
And fall asleep in the embrace of existence
Daisy Vallely Aug 2018
I can feel the moonlight on my skin
when I close my eyes and inhale the evening's breeze.
The stars kiss my cheeks
and the ghost of twilight peels back the veil
leading into a realm of sleep.
I awake within a dream
and I am there-
atop the moon.
I feel the curve of my spine mold into her
as I lay there, intertwined with her aura.
She is my mighty ship
as we sail through waves of constellations
singing the sweetest song the night sky has ever heard before,
harmonizing with the golden orb around us.
I pray that I will never wake
and live a lifetime
amidst the moon.
Daisy Vallely May 2018
Once upon a full moon,
An immortal soul escaped it's vessel.
Illuminated by moonlight,
Whisps of the spirit gracefully glided down the eye of a rabbit hole,
swirling through the sphere of Life and Death,
caught inbetween their reflection of each other.
Their voices harmonized like a pious gospel-
the word of God.
The soul asked them to lay her down at the bottom of infinity,
where there's a cave of every dream ever conceived,
Appearing as fog on a horizon of memories,
spread across the sky like prophetic constellations.
Daisy Vallely May 2018
Before I wake by morning light
I asked that I will dream tonight.
Blessed be our sacred eye
Show me truth and never lies.
For what my realm of sleep reflects
When I awake, I'll recollect.
Something I recite before I sleep, while using mugwort under my pillow
Daisy Vallely Oct 2017
I’m in love with a ghost,
a suitor of my shadow.
I ache in search of him,
yet the floorboard creaks
In the dark of night
are merely my soul
wandering down my a mum hallway

My sorrows coo my exhausted mind,
casting a spell of sleep
upon my glistening eyes.
My shadow creeps out from under
the crack of my door-
the door that keeps my demons
within four walls.
My shadow, the phantom of my desires
chases them into eternity.

Even when these old bones break,
this skin turns blue,
these eyes roll back into
the depths of my mind…
My shadow will roam
until The End
Daisy Vallely Jul 2017
Beyond the bleeding horizon lies a yellow star,
much like the glow above one's head when three eyes open.  
Within that star is an open space
where dew-dropped webs twinkle
like fractals of crystal quartz.
Streams of thought glide down silken strands of consciousness.

The yellow star sings to me;
"Seek further than you're told,
patience radiates like gold.
Your eyes have known
this sacred home
for many moons,
that laughing lune.
The wind may tell
'you know us well'
And we know you, little blue"

Perhaps a song for familiar souls, that have journeyed through a multitude of existences.
With my eyelids kissed by that yellow star's lullaby,
I hazily gaze beyond the sleepy hills, willow trees, and melting clouds
to see the eyes of my own soul smile crisp
like a poison apple in my hand,
cradled cautiously in the crevices of my palm.
The star contently fell behind the mountains,
humming to the melody of the rolling breeze,
fading into the twilight
only to become an echo in my mind.

I gave my soul to the sun that day
only to roam the black of night as an empty void
and see my true self once more
at the break of day.
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