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Michael R Burch Mar 2020
Geode, a Resemblance
by Michael R. Burch

Take this geode with its rough exterior—
crude-skinned, brilliant-hearted ...

a diode of amethyst—wild, electric;
its sequined cavity—parted, revealing.

Find in its fire all brittle passion,
each jagged shard relentlessly aching.

Each spire inward—a fission startled;
in its shattered entrails—fractured light,

the heart ice breaking.

Published by Poet Lore, Poetry Magazine and the Net Poetry and Art Competition. Keywords/Tags: Geode, amethyst, quartz, rock, stone, sequin, sequined, jagged, shard, brilliant, fire, passion, light, fission, ice
Wesley Dotson Feb 2019
With a Rose quartz around your neck
You’d figure Shakespeare had named you.

Depression is a heavy obstacle,
One that I can not save.
Could I provide a monocle,
Examine the stone.
It fades when exposed
To too much light.
You’re meant to be brave,
You’re never quite alone.
You’re time is not apropos.

I find you significant.
annh Jan 2019
Time threads her necklace patiently,
Choosing carefully the colour and shape of our experiences,
Here, a tumbled quartz - luminous and rosy,
There, shards of darkest onyx - tragic and uncompromising,
Every now and again, a perfect sphere of sacred turquoise to mark a special occasion.

Finally, satisfied with her handiwork Time ties off the strand,
And weaves the precious metal of our dreams - unrealised - into an intricate clasp,
As she places the memento around her bejewelled neck she sighs to herself and whispers:
‘Such promise, such pain, such beauty, such loss; I will treasure you always.’
Then reaching for her spool of silver thread, she begins again to thread her golden needle.
Crystal Freda Nov 2018
quartz so divine
and shimmering bright
and it will always be fine
like a magical light
with a structure so pure
and brilliant allure.
A rock of great might
and it will always outshine.
Yuri Swallows Sep 2018
Beneath all the smiles you gave away,
None of them were enough to reveal your true pain
The smiles maybe weren’t enough to make them stay
Somehow the smile looked like a chain
Holding you down from revealing your weakness
The side that all of us try to keep under the seam
It was what led to you being teased for your meekness
But oh how fast did they all disappear down the stream
The first drop of tears that rolled down your cheeks
Was all I needed, for me to decide to become your cane
As the tear left a trail down your cheek as streaks
I realised we were both the same
Putting up a stronger self to not reveal our darkest scars
But as soon as we healed each others broken hearts
All the little ragged edges soon became stars
And turning all the broken parts into thousand quartz
Rohan P Feb 2018
the sky was lilac and
blurred with the
pale obfuscations of

opaque and formless, you sharpened
the horizon
and i thought of remembering.
Amethyst ,
Greek for not intoxicated
A gemstone of violet colored quartz
once believed provided protection
against becoming intoxicated

Black Butterfly , a book about transformation and rebirth after death
But I don't know where the stripper
drama comes in
The rest is life ,
into daily drudge

Oh , but for the last dregs
of glory
at the bottom
of the bottle of life

The electric breath that once
activated every nerve cell
of your being
into ecstacy
has become a distant emoticon
that was once closer
than shadow thin
But now has become the one
living in a graveyard
with hopes
of raising dead dreams

— The End —