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Carl Webb II Sep 2018
'tis acknowledgement, more than thankfulness, that allows a being to reap all of the glorious benefits that this life has to offer.
it is seeing. it is believing. it is acknowledging
. . .
all that exists . . . acknowledge it. so that its existence does not go unnoticed.
and, notice, i am not asking you to focus on it, i am not asking you to give everything in life more attention than it deserves but be aware.
when something pops into your realm of awareness, acknowledge it;
that's how you stay aware. don't ignore it, don't overdo it.
universal acknowledgement will do
. . .
and once you've acknowledged the presence of the object, only then will you be able to decide how to feel about it.
only then, will you be able to truly understand what is going on around you.
'tis acknowledgement that is the key to our emotions.
before we know how to hate or to love, before we know how to be happy about, before we know how to be sad about, before we know how to feel indifference towards
. . .
we must have acknowledged the object of our feelings . . .
before we are able to be thankful for . . .
before we are even able to thank . . .
we have to acknowledge
. . .
i've fiddled with this idea for a while and i believe i've finally come to a temporary conclusion, just bear with me.
. . .
we pray and we pray and we thank all day long.
we speak to God, or any other entity that will listen, to send us some help or to appreciate.
yet, how do we even know what to appreciate . . . if we are not aware, if we have not acknowledged all that is present in our lives
. . .
how can I say "thank you" for a blessing I know nothing about . . .
how can I know what needs to leave my life if I have not acknowledged it as such - simply a thing that is no good for me - how do I feel no good about something I have not felt
. . .
if I keep my eyes shut long enough, will all of life disappear without ever giving me a chance to be thankful, or without ever giving me a chance to see what is necessary and unnecessary.
will things ever change if we do not open our minds, our eyes, our hearts, open up our ears, if we are not open to all ideas, will we ever be able to see what is truly right and what is truly wrong
. . .
acknowledgement. an automatic ability of a being but there is something that keeps us from acknowledging the presence of the ability to acknowledge, within ourselves . . .
pt. 1
Mystic Ink Plus Sep 2018
The reflection  
Looking at the mirror  

If you are  
Not comfortable with
Your own shade  
Who else will?  
You know how strong  
Your soul is  
Remember the time spent  
Building up  
You know yourself  
Like, no other has
I acknowledge  
You are more than  
So many somebody else
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: You are enough
little Sep 2018
Secondary thoughts from the present
My life isn't all that pleasant
Pills, doctors and self-analysis
Honestly, can seem like paralysis

Thinking about my growth
My need to continuously provoke
A freedom from the oath
That ego that I stroke
A need to be better than both

The illiness and the routine
I was only a teen
I've fled from the scene
Can I wipe my slate clean?
An internal dialogue about understanding my mental illness after a decade of monitored stability.
Willow Aug 2018
I haven't written in a while
not in lack of words to say
but in a constant denial
of words to feel

I haven't acknowledge my pen in a while
not in lack of physical location
but in constant denial
of words to stay

I haven't acknowledged my book in a while
not in lack of ability to open
but in constant denial
of words to revisit

I haven't acknowledged my feelings in a while
not in lack of valid emotions
but in constant denial
of words I was

that seem to take part
in the line next to my name
alongside my hidden definition
its been a while, constantly working. sometimes on myself
sometimes one others. its been a while. but I'm back and ready to breathe.
mikumiku Jun 2018
I’m ‘bout to work my fire *** to ice
No need to guess, baby, or roll the dice
I pray like “dolla dolla make me holla”
That’s how I build it up with every caller
Ain’t no one’s gonna motivate your ***
You’re either sweatin’ or you get no sass
I earn them dollars just to stack them good
I don’t mind grindin’ as I know I should
I works from Monday straight to Friday night
Pick up the calls, fill up the tickets right
Here I acknowledge your sincere applause
Don’t touch my money with your ghetto paws
I’m way much flyer than the God’s big curse
If you can’t handle it then call a nurse
I came to work it down, Lord is my witness
Yeah, I gon’ slay like it’s nobody’s business
Mystic Ink Plus May 2018
Even If
My name is there

You know
You are, the co-author
Of the Anthology

Appreciate you
A lot
For the topics

You will stay forever
In the memory
Genre: Love
Theme: Getting daily dose of inspirations
Mystic Ink Plus Apr 2018
Everyday I’m inspired
I have to pay someone royalty for
inspiring me.

I would have
ask for royalty
in return.

Let's make it,
Get it,
Genre: eXperimental
Theme: Mutual understanding
mikumiku Mar 2018
I promise not to promise anything again
But ladies gotta SAY NO MORE! I said it, men!
The ***** monologues, we’ve had it up to here
Your ***** in aura, *****, mouth, and every ear
We call ghost busters, catch that ***** demon yet
Go ******* yourself to sleep, don’t make me wet
You tell that boy that it’s a girl. Shake hands! Acknowledge!
And take that girl to college get some ******* knowledge
When vida gives you women go make lemonade
Fresh out of momma’s blender tastes like toil n jade
They do it for the *****, do it for the coins
Kom alla kvinnor! Power of the burning *****
Mystic Ink Plus Feb 2018
A Wonderer, and
A word–weaver,
Holding few experiences
Volume with substances
Crafting those threads
Self-defeating, self-preserving

All good old memories,
Rescued by an ink
Release ownself,
Enable to rip the darkness,
Image and its’ reflections
Eclipse of reality,
A dream within a dream
Wish to acknowledge
A travelling soul.
Genre: Abstract
Shared from my Anthology, Canvas: Echoes and Reflections, 2018.
dixie krause Dec 2016
he sits unrequited.
he stays where one could see him,
but not where one would acknowledge him.
he stays in a circle,
existence and presence known by those close to him.
he stays unbothered.
acknowledged or not—
he remains there.
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