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Lakin Jan 2016
remnants of old
mimic forgotten
fossils, and I
spend my sacred time
sifting through the remains,
trying to find what
exactly we left behind.
Lakin Dec 2015
If you crave
discovering the pit
of fire,
shower the floor
with your coverings
and summon lust
under white linen
while my hungry
eyes make a
meal of you.

Or, if you
fantasize of glowing
gates drenched in
golden glory,
keep silent
prayers tucked under
your tongue,
and don’t let
God hear you
say my name.
Lakin Dec 2015
with your sparkling eyes
like crystal ****
and tranquilizing words
smoother than
****** gliding in innocent
you should stay away
from dark alleys and
promiscuous street corners.

above all else,
avoid her greedy fingers-
She's a user.
I hope the double meaning of the poem is noticeable. enjoy **
Lakin Dec 2015
haunting frights slur,
convincing a tired,
throbbing spine to
stumble away from
memories lost in
the unforgiving happy
hours of continuous,
cheap brown lager.

young, blonde pigtails
tap weary broad shoulders
and mumble under
bubble-gum breath:
“strong bones won’t
do a corpse
any **** good.”
Lakin Nov 2015
after you left,
anxiety attacks threw my body
into a fitful quake- a tremble
my bed couldn't suppress.

and to ease my aching mind
about your absence from
within familiar walls,  
I splattered blood, red crimson
chemicals on bitten nails.

they shimmer, yet
there's still nothing
beautiful about this
painted lady.
I was painting my nails and thought of you. Again.
Lakin Nov 2015
when your cold
fingers get the
chance, let their
haunting abilities
of ink dance
across the fine
white of paper
and choreograph
what it's like
to dance in
the vast nothingness
of an inevitability
you were too
curious to prolong.
I hope you'll still love me in the afterlife.
Lakin Nov 2015
broken record
melodiously repeating
the same phrase
to a constant rhythm:

“I love you”
“I love you,”

a timid ear eager
in pace to halt the
sounds of the music’s
delicate reassurance
I wish this poem would have never been written, because I can't stomach feeling distant from my lover.
Lakin Oct 2015
Luminous starshine drips
from the sky and
cascades freely toward
the mundane world
,with no hesitation,
ceaselessly pours enchanting
inspiration into the
empty wasteland that
my ink pen.
I've been at a writers block and this is all I've managed to bleed out as of right now.
Lakin Oct 2015
What a piece
of mental sanctuary
your name held
before you thought
of traveling to
the door.
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