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Violetempath27 Oct 2020
That Frank Ocean song came on.
You know which one.
Thought I would turn the station
All of a sudden I notice a smile appear across my face.
A smile that incinuated forgiveness, comprehension, and a positive opposition.
At that moment you were released.
Ex you are now an example and blueprint of certain aspects.
Violetempath27 Sep 2020
Living in the moment
Bathing my soul within the universe.
Allowing emotions to float onto surface.
Magnifying the lessons learned in sessions.
Senses never leads us astray but my heart always choose to stay.
Violetempath27 Jun 2020
If they cannot love and accept you at your worst, they undoubtedly don't deserve you at your best. Reach your best and you'll receive what is undeniably divinely yours. Its cosmic truth!
Violetempath27 Jun 2020
Be grateful for any turmoil because it has the ability to construct positive morals.
Violetempath27 Jun 2020
There are circumstances where you have to get what is offered not what you prefer.
Your preference may eradicate the option. Everything is balance.
What cannot be sustain here is else where. Remember, what is readily available may still have something you can reap.
Violetempath27 May 2020
What came pouring in resulted into a river.
How it's progressing it'll transgress to a sea.
Ruminating on days spent where I tried to get our eyes to meet. Undertaking that more are pedestals and very few are queens.
I am mesmerized how I came to this deceit.
Mesmerized I am because it is something far fetch from what I gathered it to be.
In a sense it's comical because initially that was what I hope to acquire, but somewhere along the way time conspired.
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