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Enslaved and encaged for uncountable days and years,
They treated us like animals.
Those brutal hands tried to crush the mob to the vile dust
Lately though....we woke up.. from the slumber....
Then they couldn't stop the reawakened mob from seeking freedom.

The fresh air was ours again
The land was once again restored to build our own nests
We were free.

Yet invisible bug has encroached our land
Trying to test our patience
Yet again....we are enslaved
Yet again....our air is not safe to breathe

Can we gain our freedom back?

We can...
We can...
Yes....we can

Stand for yourself
Stand for your family
Stand for your country
This time our motherland may not require your blood.
Start the Social distancing movement and not the Non-cooperation Movement.
Ignite the Hand washing March rather putting your Hands Up
Unmask the foe by wearing a mask.

Our motherland will certainly wake up to a new morning
Where the air will be fresh to breathe,
Where the land will be free for the crowd to move,
Where we again meet and enjoy gatherings is humans
Who could
Who can
And who will always work night and day to fight out those cruel foreigners from our land!!

Bina Mukherjee
When she doesn't remember for the good you have done to her someday
Just smile!
When your friend disowns you because of your meagre networth
Just smile!
When there is a look of derision for your clothes
Just smile!
When your house is the only measurement of your heartfelt hospitality
Just smile!
Smile...since you have learnt some basic lessons of the world!!
One early morning, when I was out in my garden,
I met a gorgeous Monarch butterfly dazzling.
I are so bright and beaming,
will you help me paint my country with your wings so shining?
We have shades but they are all synthetic!!
I want your colours as they are organic and enduring.

Cyclones, floods and cataclysm have washed-out the beauty of my land..i sighed!
I shall paint your land with my elegant wings...he replied!!
Paint my land with the colours of the tricolour.

The top may be painted with bold saffron.

The pure white colour of yours may then flow through the heart of the land .

My friend, paint the final part with the soothing hue of green.

And at last, splash a colour of your choice to cover up all the dents and fungus that had cropped up in our hearts for so long.
These are our countrymen must not forget
We are one and we stand united!

The Monarch smilingly said, "I shall do what you say, but promise me to keep them the same as I start painting from today".🦋🦋🦋🦋
Bina Mukherjee
What do you do when you are very happy?
I.....jump, sing and dance with them heartily.
What makes you feel better when you are very sad?
I.....hug them and close my eyes for a moment stealthily.

They say that children are God sent angels.
And I am blessed with two precious jewels.

When the world doesn't acknowledge me with the tag of an average culinarian,
They say "you are a great chef"!
When my day is pale and grim
They brighten the day with their priceless grin.

When someone taunts me to be a lazy lady
They hard you work mom for us and daddy.

They are my motivator and the lucky charms.
I find happiness in their pure arms.
Their smile, touch and care can only give solace when in dearth.
This is the best gift for a mom on earth.

How I wish this crystalline love for their mother stays with them forever....
Hope they do not get manipulated when they start chasing the materialistic pleasure.

They are my biased children and I am their selfish mother,
Who will always want her angel kids to remain pure as they are.

Bina Mukherjee
The world has turned into a global village
No one can deny on that...

But..remember the phone we had placed on that beautiful table mat? was a matter of pride to have one..

The only fastest medium of communication we had at that time
It too had models...the rotary phone, the keypad and many fancy ones

We talked, laughed and sobbed sitting at one place as we were tied with the corded set with everyone.

It was fear of radiation or loss of eye sight .

Though it was much too costlier than what it is today....people still communicated and talked their heart out

Now...every hand has a cell phone which comes with many features overcoming the limitation of the old one
People can connect anywhere in no time
Then why...?
We are so disconnected.....!

May be we mastered the art of telepathy?...or we are blessed with a magical wand...?

We talk no more
We only make groups
We love forwarding messages

We have become mute.....

So can we again move to landline?
Come out of the virtual world by talking to our dear ones at this time?
Can we try and understand what they are hiding behind their smiling whatsapp profiles?

Let's do things one at a time...rather than multitasking with phone on one hand and laptop on the other...
Let's give them the love and respect when one needs from your side.
So ..... sit back and dial a number of your loved one...and help the world again to become one if not through landline but may be your heartline!!

Bina Mukherjee
When the world is locked up on the wake of an unknown virus
Let me unlock my mind and find the virus , which had been in my heart and destroying me from within for so long...

Let me know the origin of the same
My symptoms are uncanny....feeling low, depressed and unwanted by so many.

I consulted many websites but had no respite

But one day ....i found out!!

Eureka Eureka!!

I found out

It was residing deep down in my soul
Trying to put me down
Trying to demotivate me
Trying to not understand me
Trying to judge me

But more
I know the genome
I found out the vaccine
It is to love myself more
Trust own self to the core
The result..the virus has obliterated forever .

And ......I found  a new life with no more mask to wear on and feel free from my soul within to move on.

Bina Mukherjee
Heal the world with your magical touch O Savior,
Your supreme creation has become tired and ill.
For the sake of the old and the new
You come down,we have become weak.

We realised our wrongdoings as we have darkened your blue sky..
We choked your mighty oceans with plastics.
We filled your pure air with toxic fumes
We made your green world barren
Now we deserve to be rebuked

We are your transgressor

Our mistakes are unpardonable
Our sins are grave

But O Lord!
We need your forgiveness for those who have done good,
Sheltered the needy and saved the sick and offered food.
We need you for those who are born today
We need you for the mankind to stay.

Come down O Krishna in any form as we are in deep pain,
Come down ... O bountiful we need you again!!

Bina Mukherjee
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