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Marianna Oct 2018
Is it love or is it just him?

Is it his galaxy-blue eyes,
or his sweet rose-colored lips?
Is it his soft pale skin,
or is it maybe his warm fingertips?

Could it be his vibrant laugh,
or was it when he held my hand?
Is it maybe the way he loves to stare,
or could it just be the small talk we shared?

Maybe it's love. Maybe it's really just him.
am i falling in love?
Marianna Sep 2018
i broke down too many times this month
for assuming my place in people's lives.

obscure thoughts of my existence being more than
flesh and bones and two pair of eyes,

or believing i was important for just a few hearts
only to be left with an empty soul and empty hands
im  lonely and abandoned
Marianna Sep 2018
When i was fourteen
I learnt how to tie a rope
And practiced on a small string
until i could tie it with my eyes closed

i kept it in my pocket
i placed it in my bag
I played with it when i was lonely
and held it in my hands

Now i'm nineteen
I no longer remember how to tie a rope
But i still keep my small string
In the deep corner of my drawer
only words never actions
Marianna Sep 2018
i am nothing
but a memory
a thought or a forgotten dream

i am nothing                  
but my emptiness
my vicious goals and my silent screams
Marianna Sep 2018
Blue walls and crystal clear tears
the blue boy picked up his pace in fear
through red and yellow and green
and all the colors he could never be

He sat at the corner on a bench up in the hill
and sobbed and screamed and sighed
wishing he could be
all the things that weren't him

"Oh Cosmos! So big and wild,
why did you make me
the world's most blue and lonely guy?"
he cried to the sky in this dark and empty night

Blue walls and crystal clear tears
his eyes flamed red for the first time in years
he started constructing crazy little schemes
this small blue boy and his big red dreams
Marianna Aug 2018
                      and misery
a pure soul shrouded in secrecy mystery
more unexplored than vast cosmic voids
half a lover
                     half a paranoid
Marianna Jul 2018
i ripped my eyes off before anyone sees.
i feel betrayed. i got drunk and almost cried. its 2am and i am not ok
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