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I think I'm getting better
              But then one single
Sends me spiraling back
 Apr 2014 Shanon Lee
Jacob Traver
If I am salt
In your wounds, I burn
In your mouth, I leave distaste
In your glory, I am the particle swept away
In your ocean, I am the invisible lost one
In your life, I am salt
If I am salt
Then what good am I?
In your burns, I bring cleansing
In your wounds, I bring healing
In your distaste, I bring flavor
In your glory, I stand aside smiling
In your ocean, I bring life
If I am salt
 Apr 2014 Shanon Lee
Jacob Traver
Simple expression
I am free
Genuine music
Critical of me
Created with words/phrases chosen from descriptions of poetry.
 Apr 2014 Shanon Lee
Jacob Traver
Across an ocean of canvas white
A stroke of beauty comes to light
The patterns even, contrast, and fair
Complexity in the mind created with care

Do not allow a single smear
To blotch the canvas and make unclear
What blossoms made with hand and mind
What intricacies you will find

A root of commons grown within
of Artist and Gazer's ken
Now engrossed with personal thought
Through paintings on canvas, connection is sought.
 Apr 2014 Shanon Lee
Jacob Traver
Stress overpowers
My everyday thinking.
I appear to be afloat
But secretly, I'm sinking.
 Apr 2014 Shanon Lee
Jacob Traver
Night engulfs
But do not fear
Light breaks through
Every falling tear
I don't want it to get easier
I want it to be just as hard as the first day
I want it to hurt this bad forever
I want it to sting like I just found him
It's a twisted way of hanging on
But I can't let go...
If I could, I'd relive the day that he left
So that I'd never have to feel to far away from him
It's a twisted way of holding on
But somehow the intensity of the pain makes me feel closer to him
As if he just left...
And maybe that's because I'm waiting for him to come back
It's so twisted
But I'm still waiting
Just like I waited for him to come back
After the week or so he spent in the hospital
Just like I waited for him to come back
From his hunting trips when I was little
Just like I waited for him to come back
When he went out for dart night at the bar
Just like I waited for him to come back
When he'd drop me off at a friend's house
Because he always came back
He never forgot about me
Now I'm not sure where he went
But I should know that he's not coming back
And in the small moments that I realize that,
I feel forgotten
I feel lonely
My daddy always came back...
Daddy please, don't forget about me...
This a way, it's what keeps me going
It's a twisted way of hanging on
But I'm not ready to let go.
I miss you.
Who are you and why do you have this effect on me?
You walked in the room and I can hardly breath
Do you make me nervous on purpose, or is it just me?
Are you doing this on purpose?
I'm falling so quickly

I don't wanna rush it and call it too soon
But if you were the sun, then I'd be the moon
Your eyes illuminate the streets with the only light I can see
I'm just a deer in your headlights when you look at me

Take me anywhere you want to go
I'd follow you into the dark in places I don't know
Wherever you are is where I want to be
You're everything I want, and all that I can see

If you have a hint of doubt about the things that I have said
Just believe me when I say, you do laps inside my head
If you leave it up to me,
I'd tell you to stick around
You be the tree,
I'll be the roots in the ground
I'll help you grow and try to give you everything you need
Darling, it'd make me happy if you grew old with me
ice, ice, ice
count them till
I can't count any more
then disperse a smoothie
from my stomach to the floor
jump back up
soy sauce and Black Mask
in one shot
throw it back
black hats and piñata kisses
texts from an ex
and 11:11 wishes
pass out
wake up
clean up
my birthday
Daniel Magner 2014
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