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Roisin Sullivan Sep 2018
Light breaking through the clouds.
I sit with my dog on my lap,
My cat curled by my head
And an autumn breeze blowing in.

There’s no sound but breathing.
Smoke from incense curls in the air
Joining steam from my tea
Smelling of roses and jasmine.

The temple is at peace.
My mind and my body are not.
I sit at the altar
Praying my thoughts will burn away.
Roisin Sullivan Sep 2018
I have something growing
Inside of me.
Rooted in my belly,
Upwards flowing.

A **** conquering all,
It clogs and chokes,
Thick, broad, and strong like oaks,
While tending flaws.
Roisin Sullivan Jun 2017
A child of the sea I'll forever be,
Diving between waves of emotion.
One minute I'm riding high on a crest
Only to drown in salt water the next.
If only there existed a potion
For smoother sailing on this churning sea.
Roisin Sullivan Jun 2016
I saw stardust in your hands
As you slipped away
Smiling to yourself
Moving beyond earthly things.
Roisin Sullivan Jun 2016
I think the rage is gone now.
I feel clean
Like fresh laundry.

My moody storms are over.
I'm still now
As a mountain.

The tears have completely dried.
I am wind
Blowing through sand.

I sit in an oasis
Waiting for
The next big storm.
Roisin Sullivan Dec 2015
I looked outside and
The sky was on fire.
Not a vague omen,
But a promise

Of what is, what was
And what is to come.

I looked inside and
My soul was a pyre.
Not a funeral,
But sacrifice

Of what is, what was
And what is to come.
Roisin Sullivan Feb 2015
I tumbled into love with you

And now I'm slowly
Crawling my way out.
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