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Astra Jan 2019
It’s one am and I’m more confused then I was yesterday,
My thoughts somehow overpowering my life,

Making choices and walls that I can’t seem to deny,
Sometimes I wonder if tears ever truly dry,

Because though you may not see them on the outside,
I promise you,
I’m flooding on the inside
Just One Am thoughts, All right reserved.
Britney Lyn Sep 2017
I never imagined a love so passionate.
We would kiss each other endlessly every night.
You were everything I wanted, never needed to fight.
I never imagined a love so overpowering.
We stayed awake for hours just looking into each others eyes.
You were my wings and with you I could fly.
I never imagined a love so gentle.
We cuddled for hours under the blanket of stars.
You kissed my wrists and all my scars.
I never imagined a love so comfortable
We could talk to each other or watch the telly.
You even made breakfast to fill my belly.
I never imagined a love to challenging.
We bickered about bills and fought about time.
You made me feel like my loving you was a crime.
I never imagined a love so toxic.
We once were a spark that turned into a flame.
You burned me alive and handed me the blame.
I never imagined a love so lost.
We could never settle in one place in life.
You and I were bonded but I was cut off by your knife.
I never imagined a love so dead.
We saw each other sometimes but refused to even smile.
You tried to come over and say “hey it’s been awhile.”
I never imagined a love like this.
We started out strong but ended in fists.
When sparks turn to flames, both of us will burn.
I like to watch you eat
While I grab my crotch and beat
To the thought of your feet
Bound to the seat
I lie awake at night
And watch you get a fright
When I slip my **** in dry
It's the most satisfying sight
You're lovely in the shower
When I turn off all the power
And ******* for an hour
Like the toughest little flower
You say you want to leave
And be some kind of free
That it's not okay for me
To treat you like a sheep
I slam close the door
And treat you like a *****
It's time to even the score
As you fall down on the floor
Honey you know I said
"You're the one for me, don't dread
The life we would've spent,
But you're safer if your dead"
Her skin was cold and blue
Like the things I felt for you
That left me so unglued
It's funny what love will do
Misha Kroon Nov 2014
I can't escape this time of morning.
It's too loud.
2am is loud when the only sound you can hear is your head
Jacob Traver Dec 2013
Stress overpowers
My everyday thinking.
I appear to be afloat
But secretly, I'm sinking.

— The End —